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Zoot’s application processing product suite provides the solution for large financial institutions looking for a way to streamline their origination process and reduce manual review without increasing risk or sacrificing control.

Using Zoot’s Application Processing Products Make Account Origination a Breeze for Both Businesses and Their Customers

Zoot has developed a service to save both financial institutions and their customers time and money. Zoot has listened as lenders struggle to keep legacy systems up to date and staff educated about consistent business policy across the enterprise. In response, Zoot offers a suite of application processing products to address your critical business needs. The application processing product suite allows seamless transition between manual and automated steps in the origination process, ensuring an efficient and easy-to-use solution and rapid responses to market changes, all in the hands of business users without reliance on IT.

Contact Zoot today to learn more about Zoot’s application processing products and take the first step toward a more uniform, streamlined account origination process.

Zoot’s Application Processing Product Suite Offers:

  • Workflow Engine- Seamlessly integrates necessary points of manual review into the automated process for a truly optimized solution.
  • Process Management GUI- This tool allows business users to quickly and easily configure an application process flow from start to finish that fits your institution’s proven best practices.
  • Vendor Network- Allows business users to select where in the origination process third-party data or services should be incorporated, as well as which of their preferred vendors to use.
  • Document Generator- Rather than loan officers manually re-keying information by hand into the final documents, Zoot’s document generator automatically transfers the information from the application to the final documentation. Loan officers simply print the documents for consumers to sign, saving time and decreasing risk of error.

As important as understanding a customer's banking need is, the speed at which customers are approved is just as crucial. Using Zoot's account origination solution, your organization will meet both objectives, that is, to rapidly process loan applications while providing excellent customer service tailored to each individual's unique needs. In the end, this means more applications are decisioned and thus more approved, helping you meet revenue goals and secure customer acquisition or increased wallet share.

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