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Across All Lines


Capital conservation may be a top business driver, but banks can’t afford to sit still forever. Those that do not innovate to increase deposits will find themselves scrambling to stay afloat later. The idea of reengineering can be scary but must be tackled head-on by IT, the lines of business, marketing, and audit together. Bringing everyone together is a hard thing to do but this is no longer a choice if banks want to remain competitive and achieve account growth.

—Nicole Sturgill, research director of delivery channels at TowerGroup

In today’s competitive environment, many institutions are looking to increase wallet share with current customers to deepen their relationships and increase overall profitability. Zoot has been supporting this initiative with an integrated approach to credit risk management, decisioning, and intelligent enterprise decisioning .

Break Down Barriers

Traditionally, lines of business (LOBs) act autonomously, creating a siloed institution. This approach is no longer effective for increasing your bottom line or creating a consistent customer experience.
With Zoot’s Enterprise Cross-Sell® framework, your financial institution can eliminate the inefficient, cumbersome siloed approach and create a unified presence where customer information is shared and evaluated to offer qualified customers the best-fitting product from any LOB. When you offer your customer the right product at the right time, you can significantly improve customer loyalty, increase wallet share, mitigate compliance risk with consistent offers, and improve your overall operational efficiency.

A Unified Institution

When every line of business works together and is committed to advancing the overall institutional goals, each LOB is rewarded.

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