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Application Service Provider (ASP)


Large financial institutions are searching for a comprehensive application processing, loan origination, and realtime credit decisioning system that saves time and money while abiding by demanding industry regulations and staying ahead of the competition.

Why Lenders Choose Zoot as Their Application Service Provider
How can businesses manage the growing complexities of software, 24-7 technical support, and security issues? By turning to an application service provider (ASP) to provide the necessary financial technology over a secure, reliable network. Zoot, an Internet-based technology provider, offers remote hosting of technology applications and provides software as a service (SaaS) that offers business users flexibility and control to meet their goals and increase customer service. Zoot’s product suite, services, software, and ASP environment support lending, credit application processing, risk analysis, data analysis, risk modeling and analytics, realtime credit decisioning, credit score calculation, realtime credit prescreen based on third party or credit bureau data, identity verification and fraud investigation.
Contact Zoot today to learn more about Zoot’s unique ASP environment and to take the first step towards more cost-efficient, secure and reliable application processing.

With Zoot as Your Application Service Provider

  • Your financial institution will save money by eliminating costly software maintenance and reducing the dependency on in-house IT service personnel.
  • You will save valuable time by eliminating manual loan origination and moving to an almost instant loan origination and credit decisioning solution.
  • Zoot’s application processing product suite allows seamless transition between manual and automated steps in the origination process, ensuring an efficient and easy-to-use solution.
  • You will have a flexible business user control system with speed-to-market efficiency and top-of-the-line security already trusted by some of the largest U.S. financial institutions.
  • Zoot’s ASP environment features software that can be used in realtime to create documents, dynamic reports, and analytical information based on standard templates and content from a variety of third party data sources and channels.

Zoot’s hosted environment meets the security, reliability, and connectivity requirements of leading institutions by offering multiple layers of security to protect solutions from fraudulent activities. In addition, lenders benefit from quadruple-redundant power, data independent data provider connections, and distributed network services with capacity engineered to 10 times average load.

For More Information about Zoot’s Application Service Provider 
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