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Business Process Management Tool


What makes the nation's leading lending firms so competitive? The secret for many is their use of the most advanced business process management tool on the market. This tool from Zoot will streamline your loan origination process through strategic automation of business processes and unprecedented speed.

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Unparalleled Performance

There is no business process management tool in the financial industry as effective as Zoot's. This tool allows business users to automate all aspects of the loan origination process, increasing operational efficiency and decreasing waiting time.

Automation is not the end of the story. Zoot's business process management tool excels in effectively managing necessary manual interventions in the origination process, such as reviewing potential fraud indicators. This enables your institution to refocus its manual processes on only the applications that need it. Zoot's strategic approach to automation will allow you to greatly improve effectiveness in allocating your institution's resources and streamline the entire loan origination process.

A Business Process Management Tool Fit for Your Institution

Zoot's business process management tool can be purchased as a stand-alone system, integrating seamlessly with your current loan origination system. Or, Zoot can configure a comprehensive solution that incorporates credit decisioning, application processing, and document generation.

With Zoot's products, you can optimize all aspects of your loan origination process from beginning to end.

Zoot's business process management tool is robust enough to handle any type of loan process including:

Design a Better Business Process Management Tool Now

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