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What do your customers remember most about their experiences obtaining loans from your institution? Is it your personalized service or is it the time they had to wait for approval? A business rules engine from Zoot will ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience.

Contact us to implement a business rules engine with the speed and flexibility you need to revitalize your customer acquisition and retention efforts.

What a Business Rules Engine Should Be

Zoot's business rules engine is robust enough to handle the most complex decisioning needs of today's financial industry. It is fast enough to return decisions in realtime. And it is versatile enough to integrate with virtually any system. In fact, Zoot's business rules engine helps the nations top financial institutions make important decisions everyday.

Here's why Zoot's business rules engine is unlike any other in the market.

Instant Credit Decisioning - With Zoot's business rules engine, your customers will never have to wait for approval again. Our system can return decisions in a few seconds through any customer point of contact. This will open up additional customer acquisition opportunities by allowing you to instantly prescreen your customers for additional products when they contact your institution.

Flexibility - Zoot's system can handle all of your lines of business with ease including home equity origination, small business origination, and credit card origination. Connecting your lines of business will not only streamline your operations, it will create intelligent cross-sell opportunities, allowing you to give personalized customer service like never before.

Versatility - Zoot's business rules engine can integrate seamlessly with any modern system, making it extraordinarily adaptable. This ensures that your institution can capitalize on the tremendous benefits of Zoot's business rules engine without needing to "rip and replace" your existing systems.

Design Your Zoot System Today

We are prepared to discuss how a business rules engine from Zoot can meet your institution's unique requirements. Contact us by calling 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form.