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Credit Card Solution

Zoot has a comprehensive set of tools with testing and editing functions that support our loan origination functions and help us achieve our business objectives efficiently. Because of our relationship with Zoot and the technology behind the scenes we have been able to implement many innovative projects related to our credit card product.

—Sherry Hartwig, vice president credit risk for World’s Foremost Bank issuer of the Cabela’s Club Visa

Zoot’s credit card solution meets the needs of the nation’s leading credit card lenders with reliable, accurate, and instant credit decisions. The solution provides realtime decisions and cross-sell opportunities that are necessary to grow your portfolio in today’s competitive environment.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

For truly optimized business process management, credit applications are able to move seamlessly between the automated decisioning process and manual review screens to handle required manual intervention in cases like fraud flags. Optimized review screens reduce the time required to complete manual review and return applications into the automated workflow. In addition, realtime access to data providers and booking systems enables rapid processing capabilities resulting in dramatically improved customer acceptance rates while configurable reporting allows you to track transactions anywhere in the process.

The Right Tools for the Job

Innovative tools included in our credit card solution allow your business users to directly control credit risk criteria and make realtime business rule and attribute changes to adapt quickly as the market changes. Of course, all system activities are logged for auditing and legal compliance. Zoot’s credit card solution is based on proven tools and services that enable our clients to meet their unique business goals.

Our scalable infrastructure can support millions of transactions a day, yet it is flexible enough to rapidly adapt to changing market demands.