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Credit Card Application Processing System


If credit cards are a large part of your business, you need the credit card application processing system that will optimize your customer acquisition efforts. Zoot's system will streamline your credit card application process and allow you to respond quickly to market changes. Integrating Zoot's realtime credit decisioning and prescreen capabilities will allow you to approve potential customers at any point of sale. 

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The Zoot Advantage
Zoot's application processing system will make the credit card origination process simple for your representatives and fast for your customers. Zoot's system automates the credit card application process with a user-friendly interface and smart workflow management. And it is flexible enough to handle all your loan origination needs, not just credit cards. Zoot's application processing system automates and streamlines the entire credit card application process, including:

  • Receiving, and evaluating, loan or credit card applications
  • Credit decisioning and product selection
  • Performing risk analysis, manual review, fraud investigation, and ID verification
  • Generating closing documents and performing underwriting functions
  • Booking loans to the appropriate system of record

The biggest problem with most credit card application processing systems is speed. If your institution can't receive a credit card application, make a decision, and return an answer in seconds, your customers will take their future business to someone who can. 

Instant credit decisioning is the key to Zoot's credit card application processing system. Zoot's robust rules engine, which incorporates third party vendor and credit bureau data, makes realtime credit decisioning possible. It can return most decisions in under 10 seconds. This means you can respond to your customers' requests for a credit card while you're sitting with them. With Zoot's system you can even prescreen them for additional products as you're processing their application. No other credit card application processing system compares to Zoot's in speed and flexibility. 

Zoot's credit card application processing system streamlines your traditional permissible purpose applications and allows you to be proactive in customer acquisition with instant prescreen.

Customize Your Credit Card Application Processing System
Zoot's solutions are configurable to solve your institution's complex credit card origination challenges. With Zoot, you can rest assured that your credit card application processing system will be secure and redundant and actively monitored. Call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form to begin designing your institution's credit card application processing system.