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Credit Card Origination


Credit cards are one of the most prevalent and popular lending products in the consumer credit market. As such, the competition for new credit card customers is extremely fierce. To succeed in such a competitive environment, financial institutions need a credit card origination solution that will enable a more effective approach to acquiring and retaining credit card customers.

Zoot's credit card application processing system will revolutionize your prescreen acquisition activities and dramatically enhance your customer's interactions with your institution. Contact Zoot to configure a credit card origination solution that will provide a more valuable experience for you and your customers.

Optimizing Prescreen Initiatives

Traditional batch prescreen can give you access to customers who are qualified for your credit cards, but at prohibitive cost. With decreasing acceptance rates for traditional prescreen offers and increasing costs for sending out those offers, the ROI for this method of customer acquisition is often unjustifiable. In addition, batch prescreen campaigns are so overused that your direct mail offers are likely to be thrown directly into the trash.

With instant prescreen capability Zoot's Credit Card Origination Solution will make the credit card solicitation process personal again. Instant prescreen allows you to offer credit cards to your existing customers at any point of interaction, through any channel, in realtime. Zoot's approach to prescreen will yield a more pleasant experience for your customers and subsequently a higher acceptance rate for your credit card offers.

Credit Card Origination with Your Customers in Mind

Most credit card origination solutions take days to return an approval. Zoot's system takes only seconds. This means you can approve customers for credit cards in realtime whether you're contacted in person, over the phone, on your website, or through any other channel.

The ability to originate credit card applications in realtime will redefine the way you approach customer acquisition.

Start Customizing your Institution's Credit Card Origination Solution Zoot's credit card application processing system is completely configurable and designed to meet your institution's unique needs. Once the system is implemented, you maintain complete control over the entire credit card origination process. Call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form.