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Customer Acquisition


The financial industry is more competitive than ever. What can your institution do to stand out? Service is the key to new customer acquisition and building deeper customer relationships. A lending solution from Zoot will enable you to give your customers service that will keep them coming back.

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Managing First Contacts

Good first impressions are essential in today's competitive financial industry, so whether you are approaching your potential customers or they are coming to you, your customer acquisition efforts must create a positive experience for them.

In the past, the best way to reach qualified customers was through batch prescreen campaigns. But with increasingly lower response rates, costs per sale are higher than ever. In addition, most of your qualified customers' mailboxes have been so flooded with direct mail prescreen offers that they have earned the classification of "junk mail."

Your customer acquisition initiatives need to be a personal experience for your potential customers and cost effective for your institution. Zoot's Prescreen-of-OneSM Solution can prescreen existing customers in realtime and give them an intelligent offer on the spot. This personalized approach to prescreen will ensure a better experience for your customers and higher acceptance rates for you. By utilizing every point of customer interaction as a chance for instant prescreen, your institution can dramatically increase its customer acquisition opportunities and decrease cost per sale at the same time.

People Bank on Relationships

Your customer acquisition efforts will yield much more benefit if you can keep the customers you acquire for the long term. People stay with financial institutions they trust. You will build relationships with customers by showing them you have their best interests at heart by offering products they actually need at the right time.

Deepening existing customer relationships is the most effective customer acquisition. Zoot's Enterprise Cross-Sell® solution makes it easy to offer your customers the product they need when they need it. This solution integrates all your lines of business and allows you to view each customer holistically. When a customer comes in asking for one solution, you can redirect them to another product that would better suit their needs.

Enable Greater Customer Acquisition Today

Zoot is ready to start designing a system to fit your institution's unique customer acquisition needs. Contact us now to revolutionize your customer acquisition efforts. You can call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form.