Education Loans


Soaring Costs, Sinking Sales Need a Solution

Education costs are soaring, resulting in a growing market for privately funded student loans. Financial institutions need a solution that brings efficiency to their operations, while supporting integration for a wide range of systems and application channels.

Face to Interface

Zoot has a significant history of building interfaces to a wide variety of systems. In fact, we can produce virtually any interface needed. Our flexible tools and services structure is designed to meet the specific needs of student lending. Zoot puts into one package all the capabilities a student lender needs: support for multiple input channels, decisioning for any number of applicants, flexibility of funding, analysis of funding based on application, and ability to tie into document systems. Once the application is processed, we can send it to any educational institution—and in the format that each institution requires.

More Applications, Less Time

Zoot’s education loan solution eliminates the manual steps that typically plague student lending, while meeting the ever-stricter reporting requirements and simplifying your compliance and risk management for many internal and external regulations. For truly optimized process management, applications are able to move seamlessly between the automated decisioning process and manual review screens to deal with required manual intervention in cases like fraud flags. Optimized review screens reduce the time required to complete manual review steps and return applications into the automated workflow for efficient completion.