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Enterprise Origination


Managing disparate legacy origination systems is no longer necessary. By combining all your lines of business into one enterprise origination solution your institution can increase its efficiency, reduce its costs, and enable countless opportunities for cross-sell.

Zoot has developed the industry's first complete enterprise origination solution. Contact us to customize an enterprise origination solution for your institution.


An enterprise origination solution from Zoot will combine all of your lines of business into one comprehensive system. It can handle every type of loan process from mortgage and home equity lending to small business and credit card origination. The enterprise origination solution will integrate all your customer interaction channels. This will eliminate the expense of disjointed and redundant systems.

Further efficiency is gained with our enterprise origination solution through its unparalleled strategic automation of the entire origination process. Zoot's solution automates the entire origination process from beginning to end. Business users are then able to seamlessly integrate manual interaction at any point in the process flow. This business user control, gained through Zoot's innovative business process management tool, allows your institution to create a unique and streamlined solution.

Cost Saving

Because Zoot's enterprise origination solution is comprehensive, you will never have to buy or service any other system, no matter how broad your lines of business are. Training your loan officers will be time efficient and human error that comes from manually managing multiple systems will be eliminated. With Zoot's strategic automation, services will be completed in a fraction of the time it took before: seconds or minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks.

With these cost saving benefits, your institution can't afford not to have Zoot's enterprise origination solution.

Cross-sell Opportunities

By combining all your lines of business, Zoot's enterprise origination solution creates cross-sell opportunities you've never had before. It will prompt your loan officers to offer your customers services that make the most sense for them at the right time. This will do wonders for your customer acquisition and retention efforts.

If the enterprise origination solution is more than your institution needs now, our enterprise cross-sell solution may be a better fit. It will link all of your separate systems to give you many of the same benefits as the complete enterprise origination solution.

Customize Your Institution's Enterprise Origination Solution Today

The sooner you contact Zoot, the sooner you can realize the benefits of an enterprise origination solution for your institution. We are ready to start working for you today. Call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form.