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Instant Credit Decisioning


What do you do in the minute or more that it takes most decision engines to obtain credit reports and return a decision? Make small talk with your customers? Talk about what they'll do if they are approved for their loan? Some minutes seem like eternity.

With Zoot's Instant Credit Decisioning Solution, powered by Zoot's rules engine, your clients won't even notice a delay. Our average decisions come back in three seconds.

Zoot has the answer to the common dilemma of maintaining business control of your mission-critical business processes and delivering decisions in realtime, while building the flexibility to respond quickly to market changes.

Benefits of Instant Credit Decisioning

Customers will appreciate instant credit decisioning because it eliminates delays. Delay leads to missed opportunities. Realtime decisions can revolutionize the way you do business. Instant credit decisioning processes even the most complex scorecards, incorporating all the data you need, in seconds.

In addition, Instant Credit Decisioning supports cross-sell opportunities and realtime prescreen analysis to help grow your wallet share. Customers will have access to new options based on their needs and will be able to make informed decisions about their money. As you know, quality of experience will be a major factor in your customers' decisions to entrust your institution with their money.

Because Zoot's rules engine is so flexible and robust, it can integrate multiple business units too complicated for other systems to handle. This, coupled with its instant credit decisioning capabilities, will allow you to cross-sell diverse products and execute complex decisioning in realtime.

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