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Instant Prescreen


Prescreen-of-OneSM, Zoot's instant prescreen solution, can help you serve your customers better by empowering realtime cross-sell through existing channels and enabling customer acquisition through new, more efficient channels.

What makes this system revolutionary is the ability to analyze the needs of a customer who is in the market for credit and pre-approve them for appropriate products on the spot. A customer opening a demand deposit account is much more likely to accept a prescreened credit card offer than one who is sitting at home looking through his mail. With instant prescreen capabilities, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and the acceptance rate of your prescreen offers at the same time. Prescreen-of-One helps your institution better capitalize on the countless cross-sell opportunities presented by every customer interaction.

Your customers will appreciate the options and information instant prescreen gives them to make intelligent decisions with their finances. This will be reflected in your improved customer acquisition and retention.

With traditional batch prescreen applications you must prescreen groups of thousands or millions at once. Then you send out mailings to all of them and hope a few respond. Direct mail responses are at an all time low and mailing expenses continue to increase; cost per new account can be prohibitive. Traditional batch prescreen and direct mail techniques are no longer the most effective method for increasing your wallet share. Zoot's instant prescreen solution will change the way you do business.

How Does Instant Prescreening Work?

Zoot's ability to conduct instant prescreen analysis of individual customers, also called Prescreen-of-One, relies on our unique rules engine.This system can obtain a potential customer's credit information, apply your customized business rules to the loan application, and return a decision in 2 to 10 seconds.

Customize an Instant Prescreen Solution for Your Institution

Zoot's products are designed to be flexible enough to adapt to your institution's unique needs. To customize your own instant prescreen solution, contact Zoot immediately. Call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form.