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Loan Origination Solution


Taking out a loan can be stressful for your customers and inefficient for your institution. Make the process easier for them and more streamlined for you with Zoot's loan origination solution. Contact us today to begin.

Customers dislike the loan origination process because it puts their lives on hold. Many of them also feel that they are signing their future away to an institution that doesn't care about them. With Zoot's loan origination solution you can practically eliminate the waiting time and give your customers services that fit their needs. This is one of the best changes you can make to contribute to your customer acquisition efforts.

What Sets Zoot Apart From Other Loan Origination Solutions?

Zoot's loan origination solution will revolutionize the way you build relationships with your customers. Procedures that once took days to complete will now be finished in seconds. This includes obtaining your customers' credit information and approving them for their loans.

But what sets Zoot's solution apart is not just convenience of speed, but the ability to dramatically increase your institution's operational efficiency through strategic automation of the origination process.

Strategic Automation

The automation of manual tasks can make your process more efficient, but the strategic automation through your loan origination system will dramatically optimize your business processes. Zoot developed its premier loan origination solution around the concept of strategic automation.

Zoot's approach to building a loan origination solution is the first to automate the entire process from application entry to booking the loan. This advancement dramatically increases your institution's operational efficiency and substantially decreases the waiting time for your customers. The automation alone however does not yield an optimized solution. To achieve strategic automation of your origination process you need Zoot's innovative business process management tool. This graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to effectively manage any necessary exceptions to the automated process that require manual intervention, such as reviewing fraud indicators. Automation allows for a more efficient and effective allocation of your institution's resources. Zoot's loan origination solution optimizes your origination process by automating everything that doesn't need a human touch and streamlining any remaining manual steps.

Bring a Zoot Loan Origination Solution Into Your Institution

Zoot's loan origination solution can enable you to create a more efficient and effective lending process for your institution and your customers. We can work with you to create a system that fits your needs. Call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form today.