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Loan Origination System


Loan origination doesn't have to be an ordeal for you or your customers. Zoot's powerful loan origination system will make the process convenient for you and surprisingly hassle-free for your customers.

At one time it was understood that with traditional loan origination systems, origination proceedings would take days to complete. The Internet made it possible to finish them in under a day. With Zoot's loan origination system you can now complete the entire process in seconds, while you are sitting with your customer.

Zoot's Integrated Loan Origination System

Zoot's loan origination system is the most flexible and robust loan origination system on the market. Its architecture supports multiple lines of business and allows for easy integration with separate systems. Each implementation is tailored to meet your needs through a unique combination of the following components.

Web Screens: Zoot's loan origination system features web screens that provide standard and customizable interfaces. This system allows users to submit loan applications, review decisions manually, underwrite, and generate closing documents. The system is designed to be flexible and exceptionally user friendly.

Document Generation: Document generation can be automatic with Zoot's system. The document generator can create and retrieve document templates and populate them for each customer in real time. Seamlessly integrating document production into your loan origination system will further enhance your customers' experience.

Workflow: The business process management components of Zoot's loan origination system make the origination process simple by automating as much of the process as possible and streamlining the remaining manual interaction. They are flexible enough to handle any line of business. Use them for mortgage and home equity loans, credit card and DDA applications, and automobile and lines of credit. Zoot's workflow engine and business process management tool can also be standalone products that easily integrate with your existing loan origination solutions.

Data and Services Integration Hub: The final component of Zoot's loan origination system is the data and services integration hub. The hub gives you access to the industry's leading data services with a single connection. Use this system to connect to any type of data provider for any type of loan origination. Choose the provider by whatever criteria that will best serve your customers.

Instant Credit Decisioning: With Zoot's rules engine, you can return credit decisions to your customers within seconds. This will allow you to treat each interaction with your customers as a realtime cross-sellopportunity. When used with Zoot's loan origination system, the loan origination process will seem as simple for your customers as opening a checking account.

Customize Your Loan Origination System Today

Join leading financial institutions who depend on Zoot for their loan origination solutions. Our application processing system is reliable, flexible, and effective. To customize your own loan origination system, contact Zoot immediately. Call us at 406-556-7555 or fill out our online information request form.