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In today’s competitive market, financial institutions focused on retail banking need to be able to lower costs, deepen customer relationships, and differentiate themselves from their competition. Zoot’s realtime processing environment, sophisticated business rules engine, and flexible business logic management tools enable financial institutions’ retail credit origination efforts to flourish today and tomorrow.

How Zoot Improves Retail Banking

One of the most meaningful measurements of success in today’s retail banking market is wallet share.  Increasing the number of products per customer is more cost effective and less risky than acquiring new customers. More importantly— given the saturation of the retail credit market—additional accounts with existing prime customers are now more valuable than ever since there is no need for consumer loyalty among the plethora of offerings. By combining your institution’s customer intelligence data with Zoot’s realtime cross-sell and instant prescreen decisioning capabilities; your institution can create a better customer experience by offering the right product at the right time and price, subsequently deepening customer relationships.

Contact Zoot today to learn more about Zoot’s proven realtime decisioning, cross-sell, and prescreen capabilities and to take the first step toward more efficient, customer-focused retail lending.

The Benefits of Instant Prescreen, Realtime Cross-Sell, and Increased Wallet Share

  • Relevant prescreen offers instantly presented at the customer contact point can generate acceptance rates orders of magnitude higher than traditional batch prescreen techniques.
  • Realtime cross-sell offers based on each individuals’ unique situation and preferences produce meaningful product offers for customers and streamline processes for lines of business.
  • Consumers with wallet shares comprised of 4 or more accounts are twice as likely to stay with their financial institution.

If your financial institution is seeking a more efficient, reliable, and customer-centric approach to retail banking origination, look to Zoot for a sophisticated, realtime decisioning solution that can be configured to meet your needs exactly.

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