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Retail Co-Branded Consumer Products


One Customer, Two Opportunities

The time and effort it takes to garner brand recognition and brand loyalty is extensive. Implementing a co-brand retail card is a way for retailers to capitalize on their investment by partnering with a financial institution (FI) to manage the credit card while the retailer makes offers through their different consumer channels. This is a win-win situation where both partners gain wallet share and brand awareness with their customers.

The FI gains access to new customers and the opportunity to extend additional credit product offers, deepening the relationship. Issuers supporting these marquee brands often struggle with the challenge of maintaining the dozens or hundreds of slightly unique co-brand origination systems. Zoot supports co-branded origination and the unique requirements of both the financial institution and the retailer, ensuring consumers receive the benefits they expect.

Consumer Benefits

Zoot provides FIs a single solution from which they can support multiple co-brand cards. This instant credit decisioning solution can offer unique decisioning criteria and functionality for each co-brand partner, including access to specialized data sources and VIP lists. Zoot provides tremendous flexibility to support the unique characteristics of each co-brand card, while still having a single infrastructure from which to run and implement a single credit risk policy.

Zoot offers our clients the option to provide instant prescreen as part of the package. This innovative technology allows retailers to make pre-approved offers of credit at the point of sale within seconds. Offers can be integrated into the checkout process online or in the retail store. By making a hard offer of credit (instead of giving consumers an application they can take away to fill out later—if they remember), costs decrease and acceptance increases, supporting growth for both the FI and the retailer.

Building Forward

Zoot’s instant credit decisioning solution offers increased efficiency, automation, and the ability to do prescreen-of-oneSM. In conjunction with our origination system, retailers gain the ability to do manual intervention efficiently with seamless integration between automated and manual tasks. Zoot’s technology allows our clients to gain a competitive advantage to help retain and grow existing customers.

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