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Risk Decisioning


Managing risk is an everyday part of business in the financial industry. Having an effective risk decisioning solution is essential for success. Zoot's risk decisioning solutions will enable your institution to dramatically increase its profitability while decreasing its risk.

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Smart Risk Decisioning

Protecting your institution from unnecessary risk doesn't have to mean giving up sales opportunities. The core component of Zoot's risk decisioning solutions is our powerful rules engine. Zoot's rules engine will take on the most complex scorecards and return decisions in seconds rather than days, providing you with customer acquisition opportunities you've never had before. Using this rapid engine as a foundation, Zoot has developed several innovative risk decisioning solutions that enable financial institutions to dramatically enhance their customer acquisition and retention efforts without increasing their risk.

Instant prescreen, made possible by Zoot's instant credit decisioning, allows you to make intelligent offers to your customers at any point of contact in real time. This approach, which is far more personal for your customers than direct mail prescreen, will enable your institution to significantly increase its acceptance rate for prescreen offers and substantially reduce its cost per new account at the same time.

Zoot's robust rules engine also creates extensive cross-sell scenarios. It will link diverse lines of business without compromising best practices. This allows you to pitch your customers the products they need, when they need them. This serves your institution by opening up additional sales opportunities while maintaining consistent risk and compliance standards across all lines of business.

The Right Fit for Your Institution

Zoot's risk decisioning solutions are completely configurable and designed to meet your institution's needs. They are robust and flexible enough to handle all your institution's financial product offerings across every customer channel.

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