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Small Business Lending Solution


Similar but Different

Small business lending requires a more complex evaluation than most consumer loans. Zoot’s small business lending solution provides comprehensive decisions for all credit products using a number of data sources, including a combination of consumer and business credit reports. The solution provides fast, reliable, and consistent credit evaluations based on your institution’s unique credit policy and business processes.

Business User Control

The origination process can be optimized for rapid response, minimal risk, and reduced cost. Business users have the ability to maintain direct control of your risk criteria and define decisioning logic using a graphical tool designed to enable rapid deployment of new credit evaluation models.

Seamless Automation

The flexible development interface supports processes that use any combination of business and consumer credit as well as other non-traditional data sources. For loan applications that require manual intervention, Zoot provides review screens that are integrated with the automated loan origination process to create a seamless and optimized workflow.

Do More with Less

Since managing origination costs in small business lending is critical to success, the solution provides every opportunity to reduce human resources required to process applications without compromising effective risk management and customer service. All activities are logged for auditing and compliance reporting.