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Small Business Lending


Financial institutions rely on Zoot to make small business lending a hassle free, streamlined process using Zoot's automated decisioning software. Successful evaluation and decisioning for small business is multifaceted and needs a system that seamlessly implements all of your loan origination processes while adhering to the complex requirements of small business lending.

Contact Zoot today to learn more about Zoot’s realtime decisioning and strategic automation capabilities and to take the first step toward more efficient, comprehensive, and accurate small business lending.

Benefits of Zoot’s Small Business Lending Solution:

  • Data agnostic to give you the most information and least-cost routing to effectively serve your unique business and consumer credit processes.
  • Seamless integration of manual and automated application reviews to give you faster decisioning and the ability to process more applications.
  • Consistent credit evaluations across your enterprise deliver fast, reliable, secure decisions based on your institution’s credit policy and business processes.

Solution Differentiators

Zoot’s proven small business lending solution can integrate multiple business and consumer data sources, mix prescreen and permissible purpose offers through all channels, and enhance the customer experience through realtime booking. Look to Zoot for a small business lending solution that can be configured to meet your requirements exactly.

Best Practices of Zoot’s Small Business Lending Solution

Zoot provides the results you are looking for in a small business lending environment. We pride ourselves on offering financial institutions the best practices of flexible software as a service (SaaS) in our secure and scalable application service provider (ASP) hosted environment along with our easy-to-use business rules and process management tools. You also get Zoot’s expertise and experience building innovative software solutions developed over nearly twenty years in the industry and work with seven of the top ten financial institutions.

For More Information

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