Multi-faceted fraud requires multi-factor authentication

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There are more types of financial fraud to manage than ever before—debit and credit card, check, online banking, electronic, ACH—the list goes on. Fraudsters never give up. They keep old-fashioned, small-scale scams in play while looking for additional ways to penetrate financial institutions. An example is … Continue reading →

Banking on a Winner: Fostering innovation to compete in today’s financial environment

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Athletes work on their sports knowledge and skills every day, for weeks, months, and years as they hone their craft. Their strategy is to develop such strong muscle memory that when they are in competition, their body executes flawlessly. They become students of the game. So … Continue reading →

How banks can stand out in an experience economy.

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We are moving toward an experience economy. Banks sell commodities, so how can they stand out? By showing deep customer empathy and authenticity.

At a recent industry conference Barbara Corcoran, from ABC’s reality television show Shark Tank, shared a sharp contrast between two of her financial … Continue reading →

Golden opportunities in the EMV rollout

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EMV, is anyone tired of hearing about it? Perhaps we just haven’t heard what consumers need to know.

You can’t attend a financial industry conference or read any banking publication these days without some mention of EMV. While the conversation might be getting tiresome, there are … Continue reading →

There’s no sense of urgency for EMV – even as the liability shift hits

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The EMV liability shift happens today. Yet there’s no fanfare that tells the world we have finally arrived. In fact, as predicted most U.S. merchants and card issuers aren’t prepared and those that are might find the hoopla isn’t all it was cracked up to be.… Continue reading →

A message from our CEO as Zoot celebrates 25 years in business

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I’ve told the history of our company countless times over the years. While it is a fun story to tell from a basement startup to what Zoot has become, that isn’t the main message I want to share with you today. Even though I am proud … Continue reading →

The great usability debate: Should banks pursue a one-click experience?

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Customer experience is the Achilles heel for banks in today’s digital age. Consumers want the distributed, one-click experiences they get from companies outside the financial industry. You can find a restaurant by cuisine type, its location, how far it is from the exact spot you are … Continue reading →

Is there a future for digital auto lending at the bank?

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Earlier this month, I bought a new car and was underwhelmed by the financial side of the experience.

After shopping online and never going into a dealership, my local bank was able to provide desirable financing via phone. But the underwhelming part came when I had … Continue reading →

Payments are just a slice of the Financial Lifestyle

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Following Apple Pay’s launch announcement in October of 2014, Scott Leiberman of IBM made an interesting comment, “The payments experience is the future of banking.” While there is certainly support for this position, we shouldn’t give up on banks just yet. Apple continues to pursue the … Continue reading →