Highlights from the Banking Analytics Symposium 2014

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During the 2014 Banking Analytics Symposium I moderated a panel titled Analytics in a Mobile-First World featuring Jackie Buonassisi, vice president, internet and mobile channel group, U.S. Bank, and Larry McClanahan, vice president, digital delivery, Fifth Third Bank. These bankers provided insight to one of the hottest topics in our industry right now; mobile. There … Continue reading →

Using Analytics to Improve Self-Service

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Financial institutions (FIs) are keenly aware that customer interactions through self-service channels such as ATMs, online, and mobile cost less than person-to-person interactions in the branch or call center. Applying analytic models gives FIs insight to consumer behavior and what drives them to a particular channel. The outcome is the ability to provide a better … Continue reading →

The Evolution of Data Management into Analytics

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It wasn’t long ago that we dreamed of having more data. Oh the problems we would solve. We quickly went from database to data-mart to data-warehouse to big data. Of course, we just learned that more data brings a host of new challenges. Soon, volume, velocity, and veracity will be solved. What’s next? Changing the … Continue reading →

Got wallet share? Make sure you have the technology to keep it.

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Gaining wallet share is important to banks because they want to ensure their best customers don’t leave them for a better offer down the street. I’m aware of a local credit union that succeeded in capturing a consumer’s accounts, then ultimately failed. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this example—inflexible policy and … Continue reading →

Analytics in a Mobile-First World: A Preview of the Banking Analytics Symposium

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At the Banking Analytics Symposium next week, industry thought leaders will be coming together to discuss how they are using data and analytics to connect with customers, manage risk and drive profitability. Sessions will include: how to compete with non-banks, practical applications of predictive analytics and mobile-first strategies. These rich discussions will answer many questions … Continue reading →

Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Experience

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Banking is becoming digital. Just as bank branches need to look good and provide great customer service to instill consumer trust, bank apps need to look good on mobile devices and provide a great user experience. Does your app represent your brand? Will your customers want to share it with their friends? The standard for … Continue reading →

Learning from Millennials’ Favorite Apps: Venmo

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Millennials within the Zoot sales and marketing department have been testing some new mobile apps that are popular among our generation to determine features and functionality that might make or break each product. The intent of this experimentation is to share our experiences and lessons banks can learn from these apps that Millennials reportedly yearn … Continue reading →