Regulation + Culture = An Asset or Liability?

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Regulation has been perceived in the financial industry as a punitive measure meant to prevent bad behavior. Right or wrong that perception needs to change. This begins with changing the role of regulators—from a role that focuses less on signing paperwork to one that helps banks evolve their culture to do what is right for … Continue reading →

Forget Big Data, Little Data is the Big Deal

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Big data is a nebulous topic. There has been much hype about the subject over the past several years. While it is a difficult task for financial institutions to tackle, there are ways to find success. Not boiling the ocean is a good place to start. Little data holds great promise with the right focus … Continue reading →

Are the days of passwords coming to an end?

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Forgotten passwords are an all too common customer experience. The typical scenario is to make a few guesses, hope you don’t get locked out of your account, and eventually end up resetting your password only to forget it the next time you need it. And if that isn’t enough, try logging in to your bank … Continue reading →

There’s no sense of urgency for EMV- an update

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I recently wrote about the lack of urgency around EMV implementation and posed the question whether EMV cards are even necessary. At an industry conference this month, both informal conversations with financial industry executives and formal presentations confirmed this slow migration. While awareness is high, many see no reason to forge ahead before the October … Continue reading →

The Future of Customer Acquisition

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It is no secret that consumer behavior has changed significantly over the last decade; financial institutions (FIs) are not immune. How many of us skip over television commercials with our DVR? And how many of us don’t even look at the credit card offers we receive in the mail before throwing them away? The answer … Continue reading →

Feeding the Mobile Addict with Responsive Web Design

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Mobile devices are transforming our lifestyles. The need for things to happen within a split second is being fed by evolving devices, applications, and constant connectivity. There are hundreds of devices from providers such as Apple and LG, and thousands of applications. Now that there are more mobile devices in the United States than people, … Continue reading →

There’s no sense of urgency for EMV, perhaps with good reason

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After much hubbub about EMV readiness for the liability shift come October 2015, it doesn’t seem like things are moving with much pace in that direction. There isn’t a sense of urgency from either card issuers or retailers. What is going to be the impetus to drive change? Consumer demand.

In January 2015, a survey … Continue reading →

The Integration of Disparate Apps for ID, Payments and Tickets

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With all the different apps available to hold ID, credit cards, and airline tickets, we haven’t yet achieved the convenience that consumers desire for a complete digital wallet. Progress is being made by many companies and government agencies, yet the result is disjointed as each focuses on their own piece of the puzzle. Will our … Continue reading →