Got wallet share? Make sure you have the technology to keep it.

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Gaining wallet share is important to banks because they want to ensure their best customers don’t leave them for a better offer down the street. I’m aware of a local credit union that succeeded in capturing a consumer’s accounts, then ultimately failed. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this example—inflexible policy and … Continue reading →

Analytics in a Mobile-First World: A Preview of the Banking Analytics Symposium

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At the Banking Analytics Symposium next week, industry thought leaders will be coming together to discuss how they are using data and analytics to connect with customers, manage risk and drive profitability. Sessions will include: how to compete with non-banks, practical applications of predictive analytics and mobile-first strategies. These rich discussions will answer many questions … Continue reading →

Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Experience

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Banking is becoming digital. Just as bank branches need to look good and provide great customer service to instill consumer trust, bank apps need to look good on mobile devices and provide a great user experience. Does your app represent your brand? Will your customers want to share it with their friends? The standard for … Continue reading →

Learning from Millennials’ Favorite Apps: Venmo

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Millennials within the Zoot sales and marketing department have been testing some new mobile apps that are popular among our generation to determine features and functionality that might make or break each product. The intent of this experimentation is to share our experiences and lessons banks can learn from these apps that Millennials reportedly yearn … Continue reading →

#Trending: The Latest New Fashion from your Bank (Wearable Technology and Mobile Payments)

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Wearable technology is starting to gain momentum in the consumer electronics industry and as a result other industries (including banking) are starting to look at the impact of wearables on their businesses. Through the use of near field communication (NFC) tattoos, stickers, and wearable accessories like watches, consumers may not have to rely exclusively on … Continue reading →

Tapping the Economic Value of Millennials Begins Now

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Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without seeing people focused on electronic devices. From the corner coffee shop to the beach people are texting, taking photos, reading books and even paying bills on their mobile phones and tablets. The use of such devices spans across generations. However, there are some who have never known a life … Continue reading →

Can you tell when vendors over promise?

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I’ve heard a few stories lately of projects sold that either exceeded a vendors’ ability to deliver or the solution completely missed the goals of the institution. It is unfortunate that there are IT vendors who overpromise and under-deliver. This post is about companies that promise the moon when they can only deliver a 60-watt … Continue reading →