Taking on Fraud: Part One

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This is the first in a two-part series as we look more deeply at fraud concerns and best practices for managing this ever-changing threat.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing fraud mitigation strategies on ZootBlog—everything from EMV chip cards to encryption, tokenization, and … Continue reading →

Unleash your inner Bond with biometric authentication

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Use of biometrics is popular in Hollywood movies to create drama and suspense when spies attempt to raid a Swiss bank safe or invade a Russian nuclear plant. Palm print readers and iris scans make for thrilling espionage film scenes, especially when access is gained using … Continue reading →

Want to differentiate your bank? Change the payments conversation.

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If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing Arkadi Kuhlmann speak, you know he is not only entertaining but full of practical insight. In 1996, he introduced consumers to direct, branchless banking as the founder of ING Direct Canada. Four years later he brought it … Continue reading →

Mini-Silos: The Opportunity Fintechs Bring to Banks

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It is well known that silos have long prevented banks from achieving the ideal customer experience, because they create a fragmented user experience.  An executive from Ally Bank made an interesting observation at a recent industry conference. “The irony is that fintechs are creating mini-silos with … Continue reading →

Innovation and Evolution: Key to Successful Technology Solutions

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Innovation has been top of mind for Zoot since the day we opened our doors in 1990. Our philosophy is to apply what we’ve learned in the past to the challenges of the present in a constant evolution. Our clients’ needs truly drive our solutions—and an … Continue reading →

Will community banks suffer from technology shortcomings?

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How long should it take to add your spouse to your bank account? A few minutes seems reasonable to me. However, it took one full hour to accomplish this simple task at my local community bank where I have been a customer for more than a … Continue reading →

Financial industry outlook 2016: Innovation will find its way back

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Over the past several years as banks focused on staying in compliance with myriad new regulations, innovation slowed—nearly to a standstill. In 2015, I predicted it would be the year banks took back banking. That was certainly true for our clients. They forged partnerships with companies … Continue reading →

Projected Trends: Financial Industry 2016

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As a companion to our 2015: Year in Review post, we’ve synthesized some of the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the financial industry in 2016. This year’s predictions include topics from the preceding year, with the addition of projected advancements in the areas of biometrics, enhanced … Continue reading →

Banking in the cloud – Is it for the birds?

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Consumers’ use of technology—from mobile to wearables—is driving change across many industries as businesses adapt to how their customers want to engage with them. For some time now, financial institutions (FIs) have responded to this consumer-driven environment with innovation in business models, operations, and IT. Cloud … Continue reading →