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Author Archives: Leigh Enselman

Leigh Enselman

About Leigh Enselman

Leigh Enselman brings fresh perspective to financial services. As a member of the digital generation, her focus on online marketing reflects a deep understanding of how new technologies can impact the success of established brands. She actively engages with partners and industry thought leaders through social media and valuable content. When Leigh is not tweeting about the latest hot topic in the financial industry, you can find her pinning pictures of her next European vacation. Find Leigh on LinkedIn, or Twitter @Leigh_Zoot.

The Future of Customer Acquisition

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It is no secret that consumer behavior has changed significantly over the last decade; financial institutions (FIs) are not immune. How many of us skip over television commercials with our DVR? And how many of us don’t even look at the credit card offers we receive in the mail before throwing them away? The answer … Continue reading →

When Worlds Collide: Customer Expectations Meet Mainframe Experience

Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Service, Technology
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The quick pace of change in technology is hard for any institution to keep up with, particularly as customers become more reliant on mobile devices. Bank infrastructure is built to be secure and reliable, to process billions of transactions without a single error. Unfortunately, there was a tradeoff when building it. Banks cannot respond to … Continue reading →

Financial Industry Predictions for 2014…or sometime this Decade?

Topics: Trends
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It is the beginning of a New Year, which means everyone in the financial industry is making their predictions for 2014, and so it goes.

However, a funny thing happened when we started compiling our ideas and considering predictions of industry thought leaders, we realized that 2014 predictions are eerily similar to what 2013 predictions … Continue reading →

Prequalification: A New Tool in the Marketing Toolkit

Topics: Customer Acquisition and Retention, Customer Experience, Trends
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Some leading credit card issuers are using a new technique to approve customers. This underutilized tool is called prequalification and has been used in the mortgage space for years. Marketers at financial institutions already have a number of acquisition tools, including consumer-initiated decisioning and prescreen. Let me show you why prequalification should be part of … Continue reading →

Finding the Right Balance: The Pursuit of a Better Loan Origination System

Topics: Customer Acquisition and Retention, Customer Service, Operational Efficiency
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Bankers are trying to find the right balance for their business, but it can be difficult, especially when working with a legacy loan origination system (LOS). Many think they need to sacrifice efficiency to improve customer service. With a modern LOS they can have both—no sacrifices need to be made in the pursuit of a … Continue reading →


Topics: Customer Acquisition and Retention, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Trends
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In today’s world, social media is a part of our everyday lives. We are connected to our family, friends, and coworkers through computers, tablets, and smartphones. People are even following their favorite celebrities and becoming fans of brands on social media sites. But what about our banks? People have traditionally associated banks with being old … Continue reading →