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Branch Sexy: Keeping Branch Banking Attractive in an Electronic Era

Topics: Customer Experience
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Branch banking is an important component in building consumer trust and loyalty. With the advent of direct deposit, online banking and the increasing use of smartphones that do almost anything these days— including remote deposit capture— branch banking is arguably becoming less common than it once was. That doesn’t mean branch banking is dead. In … Continue reading →

The More Data, The Better: The Case for Alternative Data

Karen Gordon
Topics: Credit Risk Management, Trends
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A recent article in American Banker discussed the move toward an increased focus on the use of alternative credit scoring data by some lenders. For many banks it has typically been considered an aid in helping score the underbanked population, but more recently lenders have recognized that its use can be expanded to mainstream consumers. … Continue reading →

Redefining Rewards Programs through Personalized Decisioning & Cross-Selling

Kristal Butler
Topics: Customer Acquisition and Retention, Regulations, Trends
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Traditionally, debit rewards programs were designed to incent consumers to use their cards more often which in turn increased revenue and profitability to a bank. There is an interesting shift in the validity of this type of siloed product approach today with the pending regulation underway known as the Durbin Amendment.  Consumers continue to want … Continue reading →

Insourcing: The Value of Internal Data in Credit Risk and Cross-sell

Karen Gordon
Topics: Credit Risk Management
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In our business we talk about credit risk management everyday and assist our financial services clients with keeping up with their strategies to manage the ever changing credit environment.  Part of what makes our company unique is that we work with a broad array of data solution providers that give our clients the ability to … Continue reading →

Customer Intimacy, Cross-sell, and the Value of Personal Financial Management

Alex Johnson
Topics: Customer Acquisition and Retention, Customer Experience
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One of the hottest topics in the financial industry right now is personal financial management (PFM). This refers to a software service that allows consumers to track all of their financial accounts and obligations in a single interface. Such services usually enable consumers to track their finances, create and manage budgets, and set short-term and … Continue reading →