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Over the years Zoot has become a trusted partner to our company. Zoot’s decisioning and loan origination solutions have helped us achieve significant efficiencies internally, while managing risk effectively.

— Joe Friebe, CEO of World’s Foremost Bank

In Search of a Solution
When financial institutions (FIs) are looking for ways to upgrade or expand their credit decisioning or loan origination solutions, they have many different needs from increasing efficiencies to meeting compliance to generating revenue. Some FIs end up pulling pieces from many different vendors in order to meet each goal or building internally at great expense and risk. Either of these approaches can lead to more challenges with disparate systems that don’t talk to each other and require more work on the part of the institution to figure out how to apply each solution in a way to solve their problems. Through Zoot’s commitment to being a strategic partner with our clients, FIs get the tools and services they need along with the industry insight to maximize the return on their investment.

Zoot’s approach to software as a service (SaaS) offers clients the best of both worlds: flexibility and client-side control along with our infrastructure’s security, scalability, and redundancy. While the core of Zoot’s philosophy is a tools and services approach to solve problems and meet business objectives specific to each FI, we also have flexible solutions built from best practices of the tools and services we offer that readily meet the most common industry challenges.

zDecision® Consumer-Initiated Decisioning Solution

Zoot’s zDecision®consumer-initiated decisioning solution is a robust platform to provide instant credit decisions with even the most complex business rules and decisioning criteria to meet unique business objectives.
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zOriginate®Loan Origination Solution

Zoot’s zOriginate® loan origination solution is a complete application that provides financial institutions effective and efficient ways to grow their lending portfolios.
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zAcquire®Instant Prescreen Decisioning Solution

Zoot’s zAcquire®instant prescreen decisioning solution is FCRA-compliant to allow financial institutions to qualify prospects in realtime, thereby increasing their propensity to accept the credit offer while lowering acquisition costs for the institution.
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zInitiate® Account Opening Solution

Zoot’s zInitiate® account opening software solution enables financial institutions (FIs) to make optimized product offers (deposit and credit)to increase retention and grow accounts—bringing profitability back to demand deposit accounts.
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zOptimize® Mulitchannel Cross-Sell Solution

Zoot’s zOptimize® multichannel cross-sell solution is a comprehensive solution enabling clients to grow accounts by leveraging more efficient and effective sales processes during every consumer interaction.
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zEnvision® Credit Risk Lab

Zoot’s zEnvision® credit risk lab is a simulation solution that allows credit risk managers to experiment with new strategies in order to make better lending decisions by responding rapidly to changes in consumer behavior and legislation.
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zMerchant® Onboarding and Risk Monitoring Solution

Zoot’s zMerchant® onboarding and risk monitoring solution enables merchant acquirers to efficiently underwrite new merchants and monitor their existing merchant accounts in order to effectively control costs and manage risk.
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zLinkSM Data Integration Hub

Zoot’s zLinkSM data integration hub is an independent portal to a network of integration-ready data and service vendors for quick and secure incorporation into lending processes such as credit decisioning, loan origination, credit risk management, and fraud prevention.
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Mobile Account Opening DDA
Zoot’s mobile account opening solution for acquiring new demand deposit accounts delivers a seamless customer experience while utilizing tools that solve the ID verification, fraud, and risk concerns present in the faceless mobile channel.

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Mobile Account Opening Retail Credit Card
Zoot’s mobile account opening solution for retail credit cards gives retail employees the ability to engage with consumers dynamically around the store by using tablets and QR codes to assist customers with opening new accounts. Making the application process as frictionless as possible creates a better customer experience and generates higher acceptance rates of card offers.

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Enterprise Origination

Enterprise origination addresses today’s need to balance central control, accountability, and compliance with the need for business units to maintain control of their product lines and respond quickly to market changes.
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Instant Offer

InstantOffer enhanced prescreen solution is a comprehensive and integrated offering that enables financial institutions (FIs) to optimize their customer acquisition techniques, increase their MROI (marketing return on investment), and improve the customer experience across channels.
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Fraud Engine

Zoot's fraud engine enables financial institutions (FIs) to adapt quickly to new fraud tactics to achieve more sophisticated fraud identification and prevention during account opening and transaction authorization.
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Zoot Company Overview

As a strategic partner to influential financial institutions worldwide, including leading banks, automobile manufacturers, retailers, and payment providers, Zoot brings business and technology together to meet our clients' unique business objectives by increasing efficiencies and revenue.