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Business Rules Tool


A credit card origination system does not just sit there. We are constantly making tweaks to our system. This technology gave Wachovia the ability to manage those changes for the bank in a timely fashion.

—Ann Watkins, chief risk officer for Wachovia’s Card and Payments Solution Group

Beyond the Basics

For business users to be most effective, they need empowering technology that delivers the flexibility to quickly develop and refine ideas. Intuitive tools allow business users to control the entire decisioning process—build applications, simulate traffic going through newly created logic, test the logic to ensure it is going to work, and install it themselves. Zoot’s business rules development tool helps our clients implement their best business practices, determine where the market is headed, and test new strategies quickly.

Realtime Changes

Zoot’s business rules developer is a robust tool that enables clients to create complete business logic (including rules) and credit attributes to modify their decisioning platforms without the assistance of IT or programming staff. This tool seamlessly blends ease of use and high-level programming using its browser-based interface. Business users can make realtime changes to their decisioning logic, using the intuitive interface to respond quickly to the lending environment.

Business User Control

Zoot’s business rules developer allows business users to experience the same level of control over their decisioning system as they do with a client-side environment. This is possible using Zoot’s SaaS solution model in a hosted environment. The SaaS solution model provides clients with reliability, redundancy, and control. Business user control allows quick responses to market changes without waiting for already-constrained IT resources, increasing competitiveness in the industry and improving risk management.

Evaluation & Insight

This tool allows business users to simulate credit and fraud policy changes, evaluating how effective the changes would have been during a prior time period. This key feature is available in Zoot’s zEnvision®credit risk lab—a powerful solution that gives financial insitutuions (FIs) complete control over business logic evaluation for decisioning processes. FIs can then quickly respond to emerging compliance and credit risk challenges.

Be First

Zoot led the financial industry with an intuitive interface that allows clients to make changes to their business rules and respond quickly to changes in the market. Zoot’s business rules development tool powers that level of flexibility and control, allowing business analysts to make changes to complex logic in realtime.

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