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Capabilities & Components


Capabilities & Components
Capabilities and components are built on the foundation of Zoot’s infrastructure and designed to work synergistically with any of our tools, services, and solutions. These components are featured in various Zoot solutions and can also integrate easily with any system. Like all of Zoot’s modular tools and services, these allow our clients to have the best of both worlds: client-side control and flexibility along with premier security, scalability, and uptime.

Offer Repository
Zoot’s offer repository allows offers to be stored and used later for analytics, general maintenance of historical database transactions, prescreen, or cross-sell efforts. This can be tied to batch direct mail offers so that when a customer visits the branch, the system will have a comprehensive view of all interactions with that customer and offers can be re-presented if appropriate. Zoot’s clients can set up a database to check each credit inquiry for existing current offers so that if an offer exists, the new offer will not be generated, saving the cost of re-decisioning the same applicant in a short timeframe. Extracts from the stored data can be available for model development or additional marketing campaigns.

Credit Attribute Library
Zoot's credit attribute library includes approximately 500 unique attributes for complex credit decisioning. The attribute library provides an easily maintained and consistent set of industry standard attributes that are leveled across all three U.S. consumer credit bureaus, support all credit types, and are thoroughly tested through Zoot’s quality assurance process. Because of this, scoring logic can be quickly implemented, bypassing attribute development and testing. Most of Zoot’s clients use the attribute set as a foundation and have additional custom attributes created to meet their specific decisioning requirements.

Document Generation
Zoot’s document generation capability supports operational efficiency by automating the documentation process and eliminating tedious, manual re-entering of information and reducing errors. Business users type consumer information once, and all subsequent documents are populated automatically with the appropriate information.

Zoot's relationship with Bankers Systems, Inc. (BSI)—a nationally compliant document vendor—allows access to hundreds of guaranteed-legal templates for every state. Alternatively, clients can have templates custom-made to fit their needs. With our document generation capabilities, every aspect of document management—how they are used, prepared, and generated—can be configured for each client

Analytics can mean many different things to many different people. Zoot defines analytics as the aggregation and interpretation of data to evaluate and understand historical patterns and trends for the purpose of predicting and improving business performance.

Zoot’s current analytics capabilities include processes for capturing, storing, and transmitting elements of data related to the credit decisioning and underwriting processes. Rather than interpreting data, recommending policy, or devising new strategies, Zoot’s goal is to enable our clients to implement those models, strategies, and policies that they define.

Zoot offers Operational Analytics to lend insight into the performance of internal business functions. By analyzing the results of operational data, banks can evaluate their overall underwriting efficiency in the context of making process changes and counseling their underwriting staff. Examples of operational analytics include loan underwriter throughput, time to process manual review reasons, and loan application time in queue.

Zoot also offers Transactional or Predictive Analytics, which examine the use of credit attributes, geographic data, application data, account activity, and other data elements to predict credit risk. By analyzing the results of transactional data, banks can refine their lending policy to make more accurate credit risk decisions.

Zoot’s champion/challenger environment makes complex testing offline and extensive validation unnecessary. Instead, business users can use Zoot’s rules management tool to create the test in realtime and provide results in realtime, without affecting the ongoing champion environment. Whether it is a new business process, a new pricing model, a new product, or different evaluation methodology, Zoot’s champion/challenger environment allows you to thoroughly test and make intelligent and proven rapid responses.