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Ahead of the Game
Market volatility will always impact the financial industry. That’s why Zoot examines the challenges facing lenders from different perspectives and develops solutions to solve our clients’ short-term problems while laying the foundation for their long-term competitive advantage.

We then aggregate our insights into videos, industry briefs, white papers, webinars, and executive forums. By offering you more ways to analyze where you are now, Zoot can help you get where you want to go.

Tools for Success
In the over twenty years that Zoot has been in the credit decisioning and loan origination space, we have seen many changes in the financial market, in technology, and in consumer behavior. Zoot’s content library reflects the knowledge we have gained and continue to build as the financial and technological world evolve.

Zoot’s newsletter is a electronic, monthly look at industry issues and opportunities. Zoot white papers present thought leadership insights as well as specific Zoot solutions and problems they solve. Industry briefs are two-page looks at hot topics such as redundancy or risk policy; case studies provide information about what a particular client’s needs were before coming to Zoot and how we fulfilled their goals. Zoot brochures are brief overviews of each of our solutions.

In addition to these materials, Zoot offers dynamic content in our recorded client referenceson-demand webinars and videos that explore different industry trends and questions.

Do More with Less, but Do More      
Zoot knows the minimum you need is to meet the immediate challenges of compliance and credit risk policy head on. However, short-term market reactions shouldn’t compromise your strategy or affect your institution’s ability to pursue future opportunities.

In fact, while implementing or upgrading new solutions to address risk and reduce costs across the enterprise, opportunities arise to lay the groundwork for long-term success. Investing in automation and more intelligent decisioning processes enable banks to continue to grow loan portfolios and deepen customer relationships while relying on fewer resources.