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Credit Education


We're excited about the benefits of this program. Teaching students about credit is a great way for us to give back to our community. It’s a life skill that not enough Americans understand and it’s what we do every day.

—Larry Kahn, president and founder of CreditQA

An important piece of Zoot's community commitment is a credit education program for young adults called Facing Credit. Zoot worked with CreditQA, a risk automation consulting firm, to build this program, targeted primarily at high school juniors and seniors. Facing Credit teaches students how the credit system works in the United States and how understanding that system can enable them to make smart decisions about their future.

National Issue, Local Focus

Since its implementation in 2007, Facing Credit has been taught in eight different local high schools to more than 1,000 students. The program has received positive responses.

Manhattan High School is excited to have a credit education curricular unit available to our teachers and students. Credit is part of everyday life and most consumers do not fully understand the variety of credit available. It is important for students to understand how consumer credit works to avoid pitfalls and problems associated with credit to protect their financial well-being. In this age of technology, it is also important to understand how to protect personal credit ratings and personal information from identity theft and other fraudulent activities. It is my hope that the curriculum provided by Zoot Enterprises will assist our staff in teaching this important information to all of our students.
—Bob Moore, principal at Manhattan High School.

Facing Credit

The program is composed of 4 one-hour modules and includes a variety of multimedia and interactive elements. All modules are taught by Zoot and CreditQA employees. Facing Credit is sponsored by Zoot and CreditQA and offered free of charge to participating schools.

Facing Credit can be modified to fit into any type of high school or college curriculum. Zoot and CreditQA are committed to sharing our credit education program with schools across Montana. If you are interested in bringing Facing Credit into your school, please contact Alex Johnson at 406.556.7552 or alex.johnson@zootweb.com.