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Credit Attribute Library


Common Ground

Evaluating consumer applications to make smart lending decisions requires the right consumer information, used in the right way. Zoot has identified the consumer credit information needed to evaluate an applicant for a lending product, for example, the number of 30 days past due or a bankruptcy indicator.

Many Attributes Available

Zoot has developed a set of over 500 industry-standard, pre-built, pre-tested credit attributes that are immediately ready to deploy. To save your institution time and money, Zoot maintains and edits the attributes for each credit bureau version update through our hosted environment, eliminating this becoming a burden on your IT staff.

To ensure unbiased results, the attributes were developed independently of credit bureau influence and leveled to provide consistent results across the bureaus. All have been tested through Zoot's extensive quality assurance process to consistently meet client and industry specifications.

More to Meet Your Needs

Most of Zoot’s clients use the attribute set as a foundation, then add Zoot’s professional services to create additional custom attributes for the institution’s particular decisioning requirements. Clients can quickly evaluate new attributes within their decisioning logic using champion/challenger comparisons. For even greater breadth and speed of attribute development and testing, clients can use the zEnvision® credit risk lab.