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Data and Services Integration Hub


Increased Data and Services, Increased Intelligence

A lender needs a lot of information to make good decisions. Zoot’s data and services integration hub saves you time and money by giving your institution a single connection to a wide range of data and service providers including the three major credit bureaus, Zoot partners, fraud databases, appraisal services, loan aggregators, telemarketing, document generation, systems of record, and letter fulfillment.

Our expanding list of dozens of providers and hundreds of products offers the ecosystem you need to facilitate the best decisioning and optimize your lending process. Because Zoot is data agnostic, you have the freedom to obtain the right data at the right price by leveraging the open marketplace.  

Faster Speed to Market, Reduced Cost

Once you have identified the data or service(s) you need, Zoot's modular integration service allows you to connect to our established data and services hub quickly and to build connections to new providers in a couple of days. Our integration hub is designed to be configured by business users without the assistance of IT resources, therefore significantly reducing the cost and time involved in making connections that exactly fit your needs.

Bringing More Value to Your Solutions

Zoot’s data and services integration module can be added easily to any of Zoot’s solutions, such as instant credit decisioning or instant prescreen. Or, the marketplace can be part of the standalone zLinkSM data integration hub solution, which includes additional capabilities such as least-cost routing and attribute calculation. Both the marketplace and zLink give clients the ability to prioritize least-cost routing as well as the intelligence to route additional provider pulls.

Integrated Today, Ready for Tomorrow

In addition, Zoot provides expertise in data integration with client platforms and best practices consultation for data use. This results in increased productivity and platform performance while overcoming even the most difficult integration challenges. Our infrastructure supports over 99.99 percent uptime, so you can capitalize on productivity and gain profit by maximizing the number of applications decisioned and offers made.

As decisioning well continues to become more complex with new players, new regulations, and new customers, Zoot is ready to fulfill your information asset strategy with established provder connections, seamless integration, and a cost-effective solution.