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Does up-time matter in DDA opening?


Abstract: Jonna Anderson is a Product Manager for Zoot Enterprises, Inc. in Bozeman, Montana. In this video, Jonna addresses why up-time matters in DDA opening.

Does up-time matter in DDA opening? from Zoot Enterprises on Vimeo.

Hi my name is Jonna Anderson and I am a Product Manager at Zoot. Today I will be answering the question: why is up-time important for the account opening process? Up-time is important because customers expect an immediate response regardless of the channel that they are interacting through. This is especially important in DDA because there are so many options available to a customer that they will look elsewhere if they do not get that immediate response. From a back-end perspective, reliable access to data is important to be able to provide consistent responses. In summary, up-time is absolutely critical to the account opening process both from a customer as well as a bank’s perspective.