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Decision Management


Drive Better Decisions

Zoot’s decision management solutions give banks the right tools to acquire data, build attributes, test analytic models, and adapt quickly to market changes.

Financial institutions need data they can act on to bring profitability to their institution. Utilizing our hub of more than 70 global data and service providers, Zoot’s zLinkSM data integration hub gives our clients instant access to actionable data. Whether you’re seeking to approve more customers, decrease your risk, or break into new markets, zLink gives you the data to be successful.

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Attributes & Analytics
Building a sustainable advantage over your competitors requires better insights and faster implementation. Zoot’s zEnvision® credit risk lab enables financial institutions to accomplish this in a powerful model development environment. Business users can rapidly develop, test, and deploy sophisticated attributes, analytic models, and decisioning strategies without IT assistance.

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Did you know?
Quicker decision cycles give financial institutions (FIs) a competitive advantage.

FIs need to complete the entire cycle of making changes to their models more quickly in order to stay competitive and see increased profitability. This includes monitoring what is happening in the market, updating their models, validating the efficacy of their decisioning, and implementing these new strategies more efficiently than other banks. Our decision management solutions allow FIs to promptly take action by cutting time and cost barriers that stall productivity. This turns slow, legacy systems into nimble ones that adapt quickly to the market and consumer behavior fluctuations.

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