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Total Encrypted Network


George Tubin, Research Director for TowerGroup states, "As data breach incidents continue to dominate the headlines, financial institutions are looking to new ways to protect the vast amount of sensitive customer information within their enterprise.  Consumer demand is driving institutions to evaluate current processes and implement more sophisticated systems and solutions. TowerGroup believes that encryption, when properly implemented, is one of the more highly effective and comprehensive methods of protecting sensitive customer data should it be accidentally lost or stolen. Although currently rare in the industry, total encryption is a critical step towards complete protection of sensitive data."

Identity theft, fraud, and stolen data are of tremendous concern to the industry, the government, and the consumer. Federal standards set by current legislation make encrypted data a standard requirement. Zoot’s network offers end-to-end encryption, providing the premier protection available for our clients.

Total encryption demands that data be encrypted at all times, at rest or in flight, except when the data is actually being processed. A single encryption technology and key will not work across an entire network. Instead, a dozen different encryptions might be necessary for different parts of a network. At various steps along the way, data must be unencrypted and then re-encrypted before continuing to the next step.

Even within a mainframe environment, there are numerous access points to data from web browsers or PCs that require encryption. Zoot’s total encrypted network surrounding our hosted environment delivers the security you need.