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One of the key takeaways for me was the concept of driving for higher uniformity in originations, essentially to make any customer origination via any channel more efficient and effective, through a simple mental model change. If we first start process redesign by streamlining the most complex origination process it should make it significantly easier to work with that as a design backbone and add-on/adapt the remaining origination processes. 

— Rick Otero, EVP of Shared Services and Customer Experience at Capital One Bank

This exclusive executive event series provides an intimate setting for education and discussion of industry topics with peers and thought leaders. Essential information you need to succeed in any environment is delivered in a concentrated format, ensuring you leave with real tools to implement. These complimentary events are held in major cities across the United States and have limited seating, so register early.

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      2010 Executive Forum Series
      2009 Executive Forum Series
      2008 Executive Forum Series
      2007 Executive Forum Series

2010 Executive Forum Series

Managing the Multi-Channel Customer Experience: Who’s Satisfied?

Hosted by Mercator Advisory Group, Sponsored by Zoot Enterprises

Session 1: New York
Date: June 9, 2010

Session 2: Chicago
Date: June 10, 2010

In the current challenging banking environment, financial institutions must redouble their efforts to expand the value of new and existing customer relationships. The root of the problem in today’s financial firms is the inability to achieve and act upon a single unified view of each customer.  Delivering a consistently satisfying experience to consumers is impossible when different LOBs and channels have different business objectives, as well as variations in processes and technology.  Unaligned goals across the institution inevitably trigger different or inappropriate offers at different points of interaction.

Mercator Advisory Group analyst Bob Landry, VP Banking Advisory Group assessed the challenges, identified critical success factors, and provided guidance for FIs seeking to improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

Bob Landry was joined by Tom Johnson, Zoot VP New Product Development and Eric Lindeen, Zoot Director of Marketing who presented best practices and lessons learned from client implementations including: 

  • How to enable consistent customer experiences through any interaction;
  • How one firm increased sales productivity and effectiveness with sales engineering and scripting;
  • How a bank identified marketing opportunities with its most profitable customers; and
  • How advanced predictive modeling enabled a bank to make smarter, timelier decisions.


2009 Executive Forum Series

Session 1: Cleveland: Credit Risk for Lending Decisions: From Calamity to Control
Date: May 21, 2009
Bobbie Britting, Research Director of Consumer Lending TowerGroup
Cheryl Feltgen Chief Consumer Credit Risk Officer Fifth Third Bancorp
Eric Lindeen, Marketing Director Zoot

Making profitable lending decisions and mitigating risk is more important and difficult than ever. In our turbulent economy, financial institutions still have the opportunity to thrive. Having the control to make better lending decisions based on your customers’ most current behavior is critical to your institution’s success in this dynamic environment. Industry leaders have the control to make small changes to attributes and scorecards to determine what is most predictive in the most current environment.

Zoot and our guest speakers from TowerGroup and Fifth Third Bank discussed:

  • Trends and best practices in consumer behavior, new risk strategies and decisioning in this new environment.
  • How gaining control over your approach to managing risk can increase the profitability your decisions.
  • Benefits and strategies of shortening your cycle of developing and deploying new credit risk policies and putting them in production easily and quickly.

Session 2: NYC: Ready, Set, Open: Account Initiation in a Multichannel Environment
Date: November 18, 2009
Nicole Sturgill, Research Director, Delivery Channels, TowerGroup
Eric Lindeen, Marketing Director, Zoot


Now is the time to position your institution for the recovering market. New account acquisition is critical to success and needs to be viewed through a heightened focus on credit risk.  In addition, you can no longer afford to make a tradeoff between improving process efficiency and customer satisfaction during account opening.  Implementing a flexible solution that gives you control to manage credit risk and make smarter decisions puts your account origination challenges in the past.

This interactive workshop addresses the questions:

  • What are customers' preferred channels for opening accounts and why?
  • How are banks addressing the challenges in the account origination process today?
  • How can multichannel integration facilitate banks' efforts to provide a consistent customer experience, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • Can technology support the varying global compliance requirements and procedural
    preferences in a simple process?


2008 Executive Forum Series

Session 1: Atlanta
Date: March 27, 2008
Dennis Moroney, Research Director Bank Cards, TowerGroup
Eric Lindeen, Marketing Director, Zoot


Institutions must develop new approaches to customer acquisition as the financial services industry evolves. Most traditional acquisition strategies, such as direct mail prescreen, require large financial investments and are increasingly ineffective and inefficient. In today’s market, a solution that capitalizes on an institution’s existing customer base is necessary, and having the strategy and technology to support this is critical to the success of the institution in 2008 and beyond.
Zoot and our guest speaker from TowerGroup discuss:

  • the top 5 industry trends for 2008, including the direction in which customer acquisition strategies are going;
  • new techniques for acquiring qualified customers for credit products in a challenging market;
  • how instant prescreen has changed the way we lend over the last 15 years including rules, regulation and restrictions;
  • how Zoot helped a top-10 U.S. bank consistently achieve acceptance rates of 25-30% for one line-of-business.

Session 2: Chicago: Credit Risk in a New Environment
Date: September 16, 2008
Bobbie Britting, Research Director Consumer Lending, TowerGroup
Eric Lindeen, Marketing Director, Zoot

Predicting consumers' behavior in order to mitigate risk is more important and difficult than ever as consumers' financial behavior continues to change drastically. However, better credit decisions can be made by selectively tightening policy for riskier sub-segments and using additional data to supplement traditional scoring models that are less indicative in the current market.
Zoot and our guest Bobbie Britting, senior analyst at TowerGroup will discuss:

  • trends in consumer behavior, the lending landscape and new risk strategies;
  • how to incorporate alternative data into your decisioning process; and
  • the benefits and strategies of using a Champion/ Challenger environment to adjust policies more quickly


2007 Executive Forum Luncheon Series
Session 1: New York
Session 2: San Francisco