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Zoot's Headquarters in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

Zoot’s  infrastructure is the foundation for all of Zoot’s tools, services, and solutions. Since 1990, Zoot has carefully and methodically developed and maintained a secure, scalable, and flexible infrastructure to support any type of decisioning or origination processes. Zoot’s software as a service (SaaS) model processes in our reliable distributed hosted environment. This allows your institution’s IT resources to focus on other initiatives and IT challenges and less on their decisioning and origination systems and infrastructure.

Premier uptime and processing capabilities – Designed for high performance, Zoot’s hosted environment consistently processes hundreds of transactions per day and millions per year. The company averages 99.99 percent uptime in its core environment, providing trust and satisfaction for our clients.  

Subsecond decision processing – Zoot consistently processes complex decisions including data pulls in 2-10 seconds with 98% falling in under 2 seconds. Actual decisioning time is less than 1 second.

Total encryption- A groundbreaking approach to complete encryption where data is encrypted at all times in the process.The Zoot lobby floor.


  • Class 1 computer facility
  • Triple redundancy and resiliency
  • Third data center set up Q4 2008 in SLC- tier 4 creates a broader connection to the telecommunications grid, provides a higher level of redundancy and is highly energy efficient. (FYI: A Tier 4 data center is considered the most robust in the industry with the lowest possibility of failures. Tier 4 centers are designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage, etc.) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods.
  • Zoot is SAS-70 Type 1 and Type 2 compliant, and Zoot’s Chief Technology Officer Tony Rosanova serves as a member of the service provider working group for the BITS Financial Services Roundtable. Zoot maintained PCI certification in 2008 in response to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


  • Distributed processing architecture
  • Capacity engineered to 10 times average load
  • Proactive system and application monitoring
The Gallatin meanders only a few hundred yards away.


World Class Fast Facts

The headquarters structure was built to a level-4 essential building seismic rating standard. To better handle the effects of an earthquake, Zoot's headquarters has two seismic joints that run the full width of the building, dividing it into three distinct pieces. Each piece can travel six inches in any direction without disruption of power or network connectivity.
Zoot has fiber optic telecommunications capacity for multiple 10-gigabit services that connect to Qwest central offices for automated failover in the event of a disaster.
Triple power sources with multiple redundancies are utilized so that Zoot is never down. Running primarily on the public utility grid, Zoot relies on two independent 500-kilowatt diesel generators as backups. They kick on within three seconds if there is power disruption. The final power source, UPS battery backups, maintains power in case of interruption.

Zoot's biometrically-protected computer room, where all computer operations occur, is a building within a building—everything in it is completely independent from the rest of the structure.


The Human FactorZoot's computer room seen through bulletproof glass.
In addition to the close attention to detail and proactive considerations for security and resiliency built into our headquarters, Zoot is a place where employees can learn, grow, and work in a comfortable and respectful environment.

Zoot’s headquarters campus is just outside of Bozeman, Montana, surrounded by open space and an exceptional view of the Bridger Mountain Range. The headquarters features an underground parking garage, gym, coffee bar, and art gallery. Zoot regularly takes part in community philanthropy and cultural events. Zooters are leaders in the financial and technology industries as well as dedicated stewards within our local community.