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Zoot's Hosted Environment


In order to provide secure, easy, and instant payment solutions, it is essential that we choose partners who share common goals and capabilities. We chose to use Zoot's credit decision platform for our new consumer credit card, RevolutionCard, because it is highly scalable, reliable and flexible. Zoot's tremendous uptime allows for a smoother, more consistent user experience.

—Jason Hogg, president and CEO of Revolution Money

By utilizing a shared environment, financial institutions (FIs) can reap the benefits of shared costs that lower the price for the same service. Rather than building from scratch, FIs will gain from the economy of scale and the expertise of those with decades of experience building, maintaining, and growing a secure credit transaction processing environment.


Zoot’s hosted environment allows FIs to have unbeatable reliability, scalability, and security that would be exorbitantly expensive for an institution to build on its own.  Our hosted environment distributes core processing over multiple servers at each location across geographically diverse areas, providing a high level of scalability and redundancy. This protects business continuity in the event of one computer being down, a power outage, or a natural disaster, so your customers never experience a loss of service.


The scalability of Zoot’s distributed network—with a capacity to rapidly process billions of transactions per year—ensures your customers will always have a realtime response. Zoot’s infrastructure allows core tasks to run simultaneously on multiple servers, adding additional servers as the workload increases and protecting processes in the event of a single server being down.

In addition, all of Zoot’s tools, services, and solutions are designed to work together, ensuring seamless integration of all processes as platforms grow or as our clients add new branches, channels, or products.

Fast, Secure

Our SAS-70 compliant processing environment is built and tested to support more than 10 times its average daily load and has maintained an average uptime of 99.99 percent over the last five years. Zoot meets the collective requirements of the nation’s top FIs with:

  • proactive system and application monitoring;
  • triple power sources and multiple redundancies;
  • subsecond decisioning, with complete processing including data pulls taking less than two seconds for more than 98% of transactions;
  • multiple layers of security; and
  • encryption available at flight and at rest.

From the ground up, Zoot’s headquarters, infrastructure, and ASP (application service provider) hosted environment offer FIs improved solution performance while remaining secure and redundant with premier uptime.