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The nation’s leading banks have relied on Zoot’s infrastructure for two decades in part because it meets or exceeds the strictest processing standards in the industry. Since 1990, Zoot has carefully and methodically developed and maintained a secure, scalable, and flexible transaction processing infrastructure to support any type of decisioning or origination process.

Business Continuity Protection

Our clients’ business continuity is protected in the event of natural disasters, power outages, or attempted fraud. Zoot’s headquarters were built to withstand earthquakes and other forces of nature. We utilize triple power sources with multiple redundancies and geographically diverse data centers to provide premier uptime, and all systems have multiple layers of passwords and other securities built in. Zoot maintains security certifications and has well-established, annually-tested escalation and continuity procedures in place to ensure our clients’ solutions and data are protected.

The High Cost of Downtime

Without this level of redundancy and resiliency, one leading national retailer experienced 24 hours of downtime in their credit prescreen process due to a bureau outage. Because the retailer’s solution relies on a single bureau, the outage prohibited them from using any automated method of pre-approving customers and making realtime credit offers. The estimated revenue loss was over $500,000.

Customer Relationship Protection

Other infrastructure security includes our total encrypted network—a groundbreaking approach to complete encryption where data is encrypted at all times in the process. This landmark service provides the ultimate protection for your customer’s sensitive data at all points in the transaction. Not only does total encryption prevent losses due to fraudsters, but also it protects your institution’s reputation and long-term customer relationships.

Zoot’s infrastructure also provides proactive application monitoring to ensure consistency and detect unusual patterns before they become a problem. Zoot’s proprietary monitoring services and tools can trace an application at any point in the process and provide complete reporting.

In addition, Zoot offers bureau preference routing, which routes a data request to different vendors based on zip code, application data, or availability. This can reduce total data costs, ensure more hits, and protect uptime in the event a primary bureau or data provider is unavailable.

How Scalable Do You Need?

Zoot’s distributed network allows each core task to run simultaneously on multiple servers, adding additional servers as the workload increases. Building our hosted environment this way provides the capacity and reliability to rapidly process billions of transactions per year. This allows your institution’s IT resources and infrastructure to focus on internal IT challenges and ensures your solution has room to grow with you.

Zoot’s solutions use SOA (service-oriented architecture), a com­bination of distributed processing and modular software design. The architecture comprises individual software components, called services. Each service performs an individual business function, and combined, these services integrate to provide end-to-end functionality.

Flexible Business User Control

Flexibility is gained through Zoot’s tools and services, which are built on the foundation of our infrastructure. The synergy inherent to Zoot’s tools and services shows in how easily they can talk to each other, all of our solutions, and all external vendors, data sources, and client systems. The philosophy behind Zoot’s tools and services is to give our clients’ business users the control to make changes without waiting for IT resources. This enables quicker responses to the market and supports updating credit policy, adding new products, testing new criteria, and more.