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InstantOffer Enhanced Prescreen Solution


New Accounts by ChannelFinancial institutions (FIs) are seeing a decrease in the effectiveness of traditional customer acquisition methods such as direct mail. As consumer behaviors continue to change and new channels such as internet and mobile emerge, FIs’ acquisition efforts need to evolve.

Zoot’s InstantOffer enhanced prescreen software solution enables financial institutions to enhance the customer experience and build deeper relationships by delivering personalized cross-sell offers across all channels. The result? Higher offer acceptance rates and lower acquisition costs.

Realtime Cross-sell, Regardless of the Channel
Zoot’s InstantOffer solution allows financial institutions to present personalized cross-sell offers to consumers in realtime. By making cross-sell offers instantly through the same channels where consumers are interacting with the institution, offer acceptance rate is significantly increased.

A Better Marketing Return on Investment (MROI)
These cross-sell offers can be generated instantly using Zoot’s instant prescreen capability or they can be based off of existing prescreen offers created for the FI’s batch marketing programs. By leveraging pre-existing offers where possible, FIs can fully capitalize on their existing marketing investment while ensuring a relevant and profitable cross-sell offer for every qualified consumer.

Instant Offer

Zoot + Acxiom: A Case Study
The genesis of Zoot’s InstantOffer Solution was a unique client request. A leading credit card issuer was looking to seamlessly extend their offline marketing programs into the new, online acquisition channels that they were building. Zoot was able to deliver on this request by combining our realtime prescreen decisioning capabilities with the offline marketing and segmentation capabilities of a leading industry provider—Acxiom. The result was a satisfied client, a partnership between Zoot and Acxiom, and a new Zoot solution—InstantOffer.

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