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Instant Rules Tool


Zoot solutions allow us to put in additional criteria—analysis of previous bankruptcy, thin file, income levels—and fine-tune our criteria to make sure the bank gets the portfolio it wants.

—John Pannell,
vp risk/finance for First Interstate Bank’s credit card division

So Many Changes, So Little Time

Zoot’s patent-pending instant rules tool enables our clients to change key decisioning criteria to respond quickly to the constantly changing market. Through the tool, business users have instant access to key factors in decisioning criteria and are able to make changes as needed without the assistance of programming staff.

Pretested for Quick, Confident Implementation
Interest rates, score cutoffs, credit limits, and other single-value attributes are all assigned possible values, which are pretested against each client’s unique business logic and credit policy to ensure changes are implemented with confidence.

Better Together

The easy-to-use instant rules tool integrates with Zoot’s decision engine, creating the industry's most powerful decisioning environment giving you a competitive edge for bringing new ideas and policy to market faster.