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Making quick, consistent, reliable credit decisions is critical for financial institutions’ success in any market. Unfortunately, most institutions must deal with slow legacy systems, grueling manual processes, and inflexibility barring them from providing better credit decisions.

Hurdles to Success

Many institutions are making lending decisions today with yesterday’s technology. These legacy systems often require extensive technical support to keep them functioning, limiting the amount of time IT has to make improvements to the systems and leaving business users stuck without the ability to keep credit policy current or easily offer new products.

If the institution’s systems do allow for business user changes, these upgrades often require hours of hand coding by an engineer up front. Financial institutions must find a way to break out of slow decision cycles if they are going to meet the expectations of today’s customers.

Leading the Race: Instant Credit Decisioning

Zoot’s innovative instant credit decisioning software solution addresses all of these concerns. Our complete and robust decisioning solution enables institutions to deliver consistent realtime decisions across all lines of business as well as to incorporate cross-selling into the business processes. The realtime hosted environment provides complete decisions in just seconds, integrating with existing systems to create a seamless origination process. We strategically automate all processes to use manual steps only when necessary or required by regulation. This helps reduce costs as well as improve the customer experience.

To provide the level of control necessary for competitive advantage in today’s market, Zoot has developed a business rules tool for business users. This allows our clients to configure decisioning logic, business processes, and data attributes quickly as the market changes. For further responsiveness to market changes, Zoot’s instant rules tool gives realtime access to key factors in your decisioning criteria and allows business users to make realtime predefined changes right when they are needed without waiting for IT’s availability.

A Company Finishing First

Our solution’s results are proven: zDecision® consumer-initiated decisioning solution allowed one credit card issuer to double application volume without adding new staff. Strategic automation allowed them to reduce manual steps and improve the efficiency of their team. Their ability to provide rapid, consistent decisions created new customer experience opportunities and improved overall customer satisfaction. With Zoot, quick, consistent, reliable credit decisions are possible—and painless.

Zoot has filled the decisioning gap that hampered our efforts at growth and exceptional customer service. By providing an automated solution with analytically sound decisioning criteria, prescreen capabilities, and the ability to adjust rapidly to market changes, Zoot has become a valued partner for now and for the future.

—John Pannell,
vp risk/finance for First Interstate Bank’s credit card division

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