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Integration Service


There is a plethora of data sources available to financial institutions (FIs), but without sufficient internal resources to translate and format data, then build and maintain multiple connections to data and service providers, an FI is stuck with possibly just one data provider. As FIs continue to manage risk better and seek new opportunities for profitability, a greater range of data and service providers adds value to new and existing platforms.

Enable Fast Integrations through Modular Technology

Access to the right data for your institution’s needs is key for increasing market reach, decreasing no hits, and reducing overall data costs. By leveraging prebuilt, reusable interfaces through Zoot’s integration service, our clients can access the data they need to accelerate speed to market of new credit policy, new marketing initiatives, and new products—all essential steps in an environment with rapidly changing behaviors that require new data intelligence.

Zoot’s integration service is a flexible modular technology that seamlessly integrates one or more of the dozens of industry-leading data and service providers from Zoot’s data and services integration hub into client platforms. The ability for business users to quickly and easily add numerous providers through a single connection to Zoot eliminates the demand on your internal IT resources of building and maintaining each connection as well as translating and formatting data for each provider.

Leverage Open Integration Hub to Access the Data You Need
Zoot is data-independent to allow our clients to integrate with dozens of industry-leading providers and leverage the open integration hub. Zoot’s data and services integration hub includes established connections to a diverse mix of services such as fraud identification, OFAC, flood, appraisals, and more.

In order to help you create additional value from the data you access, integration services is part of Zoot’s zLinkSM data aggregation solution. One important aspect of zLink is least-cost routing, allowing you to determine which data to pull first so that if more expensive data is not needed, it won’t be pulled. Least-cost routing also protects uptime in the event of an outage. Overall, your institution can increase productivity and platform performance by relying on Zoot’s experience in data integration, overcoming the most difficult integration challenges.

Mitigate Fraud

As fraud losses continue to escalate across all aspects of the economy, incorporating new fraud providers that specialize in identify verification, address mismatch, and other strategies can quickly pay off. Zoot’s hub of data and service providers and partners includes many options of services that can reduce losses to fraud and quickly return on investment.

Protect Business Continuity through Redundancy, Routing, and Security

If your provider connections are not available when the customer is, you are at risk of the customer walking away. Zoot’s distributed network provides redundancy to ensure you will never be without the data you need and your business continuity is protected.

In addition, bureau preference routing through integration services allows you to prioritize the data that is most relevant to your business processes or marketing initiatives, such as prescreen, cross-sell, or reaching the underserved. Because Zoot has independent agency agreements with the three major credit bureaus, your uptime and business processes will be protected.

Zoot also offers the security of our infrastructure and connections as well as the option of end-to-end encrypted data. Recent analyst reports continue to observe that an institution is only as secure as its provider connections. At Zoot, everything from how our data centers are constructed to our employee training to our security certifications is done to meet or exceed industry standards.

Part of the Synergy

Integration services is part of Zoot’s overall tools and services philosophy that empowers business users to make the changes they need, when they need them, with minimal or no IT assistance. The integration service is a runtime service supporting data queries configured by business users through the integration management tool. Like all of Zoot’s tools and services, integration services works with everything else that we do and communicates with any external platforms or services.