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Interface Design Tool


In 2009 Zoot implemented the first client deployment of a loan origination system using its Interface Design Tool. The tool reduces application page development time by 90 percent compared to traditional development processes, significantly reducing the cost of deployment.

      —Tom Johnson,
vp of strategic alliances, Zoot 

Of all the parts of a loan origination system, application screens are one of the most strenuous to create—and change. However, speed and flexibility in the creation and modification of these applications has never been more important.

Hand-Built Screens Limit Ability to Stay Current
Traditionally, the creation of an underwriting application screen for a loan origination system involved coding every design aspect, data field, and database interaction by hand. This process could take a proficient IT engineer up to 125 hours to complete. Additionally, once the application screen has been built, even the slightest modification could take days.

Zoot helps financial institutions address these inefficiencies with our patented Interface Design Tool.

Discover Business User Control and Rapid Response
The tool is a graphical interface that gives financial institutions’ business users the freedom and control to design generic application screens for any database-driven application without IT or programming staff. The interface design tool supports everything from consumer-facing application screens to secure internal business application pages.

The tool enables business users to construct every aspect of the screen including design elements, data fields, and external application actions. Once the application screen is designed and all the data fields have been validated, the screen is automatically processed and implemented by the interface service. In response to market changes, existing screens can be easily modified and new fields or design elements can be created in the application’s database through the easy-to-use interface.

Using this innovative tool, financial institutions can reduce the time to create, test, and deploy credit application pages by as much as 90 percent. By improving efficiency and enabling greater flexibility, Zoot’s interface design tool reduces your institution’s costs and accelerates your speed to market.

Zoot was issued U.S. Patent No. 8,904,342 for its Interface Design Tool on December 2, 2014.