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zOptimize® Multichannel Cross-Sell Solution


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It’s more important than ever to improve the customer experience and build deeper customer relationships in order to build consumer trust and spending with your financial institution. Zoot’s zOptimize® multichannel cross-sell software solution enables financial institutions to enhance the customer experience—increasing retention of and product sales to customers and prospects.

Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Financial institutions can enhance customers and prospects’ experience by communicating consistently across all lines of business and channels and making tailored offers to specifically meet each individual’s debit and credit needs. zOptimize coordinates your sales and marketing efforts to enable customer service representatives (CSRs) to make offers the consumer will be most likely to accept and while still being profitable for the institution.

Customer Centricity = Retention

Predictive models enable institutions to establish a baseline understanding of an individual’s lifetime value, propensity for attrition, and behavioral segment. This information is used with intelligent, dynamic scripting to further identify a consumer’s credit and deposit product needs. The response to an offer—accept, decline, or even “I don’t have kids and won’t need a student loan anytime soon”—is captured to further identify the best product offers for each consumer. CSRs can then make personalized offers consistently across lines of business and channels.

Effective Cross-Sell Needs Multichannel & Product Integration

zOptimize integrates all channels and products to allow for a more holistic view of consumers, in addition to enabling effective cross-sell and up-sell, which is the easiest way to retain a current customer.

zOptimize multichannel cross-sell solution enables clients to:

  1. Better understand consumer needs by leveraging predictive models and intelligent conversations;
  2. Coordinate marketing and selling efforts for consistent and effective communications with customers;
  3. Grow deposit and credit accounts through our Enterprise Cross-Sell® framework;
  4. Enhance the customer experience to retain customers and increase wallet share; and
  5. Leverage flexible technology to integrate multiple products and every channel from branch to mobile.

Banks have been looking for new ways to effectively grow relationships. There is a huge need in the market for solutions that enable institutions to offer a consistent experience across all channels so customers can receive appropriate guidance and offers no matter how they choose to interact with the institution.  The release of the zOptimize® multichannel cross-sell solution should be well received by larger institutions who struggle with organizational and technological complexity. zOptimize provides a framework so they can make the right offer at the right time across all lines of business and channels.

—Bob Landry,
vp banking advisory group, Mercator Advisory Group


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