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Due to legal constraints, Zoot is unable to offer full versions of some of the articles below. To receive a full version of any of the following articles, please contact the publication in which it appears.

  1/12/17 Zing! What's the Difference Between a Mortgage and an Auto Loan?
  Summer 2016 Peaks and Valleys Zoot Enterprises Pioneer of Area’s Surging Economic Sector

Zoot is featured in a new lifestyle magazine as a pioneer of the high tech industry in Montana. The article shares the history and success of the company.
  4/22/2016 BizTech Magazine 25 Must-Read Financial IT Blogs 2016

Zoot Blog was named among the top fintech blogs the industry should be reading and paying attention to this year.  
  4/20/2016 The Fiscal Times Why Credit Card Companies Are Giving Money Away—and How to Get Some

Zoot weighs in on the pressure credit card issuers face when soliciting new customers in a highly competitive payments space.

  2/24/2016 The Capitol Forum Signet Jewelers: Sources Suggest ADS May Tighten Credit Standards, Causing Zales Second Look Subscription required to view this article.

Zoot’s SVP of Sales and Marketing discusses the process lenders use for credit applications with a second look financing option.
  2/2/2016 CreditCards.com Getting a new cellphone? Expect a credit check

Zoot is quoted regarding the role product bundling plays in creating higher customer satisfaction without increasing risk for the telecommunications provider.
  1/7/2016 The Fiscal Times How the Fed Rate Hike Will Cost Consumers $1.3 Billion

Zoot President Dennis Dixon weighs in the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase and what this means for credit card holders.
  11/27/2015 Credit.com 5 Credit Reports You Don’t Know About But Should

Zoot weighs in on specialty credit reports, the types of information they contain and how they are used—from employment and income verification, to rental and utility reports and even casino credit.  
  10/8/2015 Credit.com Is It Bad If I Don’t Have a Chip Credit Card Yet?

The transition to EMV cards is underway, but not everyone is compliant. Here is a synopsis of what consumers should know about EMV.
  9/22/2015 Business Journal
Tech industry ready to boom Subscription required to view this article.

Discusses the growth of high tech jobs in Montana with a focus on the success of several Bozeman-based companies, including Zoot.
  9/11/2015 Banking Exchange Do correlation statistics create bad policy?

A nation that doesn’t understand basic statistics is bound to be misled by bad statistics. This article explores the questionable use of stats in policy debate today.
  7/14/2015 CreditCards.com Perks multiply in latest generation of elite cards

As credit card issuers compete for high-spending cardholders; they are offering exclusive benefits that are worth more than the annual fee. Zoot’s Marketing Director, Eric Lindeen weighs in on this trend.
  7/17/2015 Banking Exchange Getting ready for alternative lenders

Consumer-to-consumer lending, crowdfunding, and online lender exchange services are all radically changing the way loan transactions happen. Zoot CEO Chris Nelson discusses what this means for banks.
  6/1/2015 Banking CIO Outlook Mobility Plus: A Powerful and Pleasing Union of Technology & Data

Zoot’s Chief Technology Officer, Tony Rosanova teams up with Equifax colleagues, Brad Jones and Dharm Patel, to describe the process they used to bring fully automated online demand deposit account (DDA) opening to banks and their customers. 
  5/10/2015 Billings Gazette Billings businesses scrambling to boost mobile sites in wake of Google change

Zoot CEO Chris Nelson discusses the financial industry response to the rise in online competition. Banks are adding services to let customers open checking accounts and deposit money from their mobile devices securely.
  5/4/15 Bankrate.com What's the value of a credit score?

Bankrate discusses the impact of credit scores on the interest rates for mortgages, auto loan and credit cards. Zoot weighs in on popular tiered APR rewards credit card offerings.
  3/24/2015 Bank Technology News How ID Scanning Could Boost Mobile Account Opening

Mobile is rapidly becoming the next major customer acquisition tool for banks. Zoot President Dennis Dixon discusses how our technology meets the customer where they are—on their mobile devices.
  3/23/2015 Collections & Credit Risk News Release: Equifax, Zoot Announce New Tech Product Subscription required to view this article.

Article highlights the newly announced end-to-end service that leverages Equifax data and Zoot decisioning technology to ease the mobile account opening process while helping to minimize fraud risk.
  2/9/2015 Bankrate.com 8 wacky credit card rewards

Zoot’s Eric Lindeen discusses the benefits of creating memorable experiences for elite cardholders in the form of unique rewards.
  1/9/2015 BAI Banking Strategies Top 10 Banking Trends for 2015
Zoot predicts that 2015 will be the year financial institutions begin infusing non-bank innovations and technologies into their operations to bring about radical change.
  1/2/2015 Collections & Credit Risk Satisfying Both Regulators’ and Consumers’ DDA Expectations Subscription required to view this article.
The CFPB is ready to address the decades-old consumer complaint of being rejected for a checking account. This article explores a creative bank product option that could meet the expectations of both regulators and consumers.
  12/22/2014 Equifax Insights Part 2: Mobile account acquisition—the future is here.

In this second of a two-part series, Zoot’s Marketing Director Eric Lindeen sums up challenges banks are encountering in the mobile channel, and shares ideas for tackling these growing pains through a mix of data and technology.

  12/16/2014 Equifax Insights Part 1: Mobile account acquisition—the future is here.

In the first of a two-part series, Eric Lindeen discusses the next big thing in banking—mobile account acquisition. He speaks in detail about the opportunities and benefits of expanding into this largely untapped space.
  12/15/2014 The Financial Brand Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2015
More than 60 global financial services leaders share their thoughts about the future of retail banking. Zoot’s Eric Lindeen weighs in on shifting banking from an obligation to enabling a preferred lifestyle.
  11/19/2014 Bankrate.com Is Black Friday dead?

A Bankrate study revealed that only 28 percent of Americans plan to shop in a store on Black Friday.  The article discusses why credit cards may be the best alternative for shoppers.
  11/19/2014 Bankrate.com  5 reasons to use credit on Black Friday

Zoot’s Tom Johnson shares insight regarding the benefits of using credit cards for holiday shopping including; purchase protection and rewards.
  10/17/2014 ABA Banking Journal Popular bank equipment that customers pay for

Mobile represents the least expensive channel, provides the best consumer experience, and is arguably the most flexible customer interaction. This article explores why banks are struggling to deliver mobile capabilities.
  9/16/2014 CreditCards.com 6 ways to outsmart data brokers

Zoot’s VP of Strategic Alliances, Tom Johnson shares tips regarding how consumers can ensure they are receiving the best product offers from their banks.

  9/8/2014 Bankrate.com More millennials say ‘no’ to credit cards

Zoot’s Marketing Director shares some thoughtful comments in this industry review of the state of credit card usage among millennials. 
  8/12/2014 Bankrate.com How valuable are you to credit card issuers?

Industry experts, including Zoot’s Marketing Director Eric Lindeen, weigh in on factors that make cardholders the most valuable in the eyes of their financial institution.

  8/12/2014 Collections & Credit Risk Mobile Payment Risk Shouldn’t Deter Consumer Adoption Subscription required to view this article.

Security concerns are commonly cited as the reason for the lack of widespread adoption of mobile banking. But there is risk with every type of payment. Financial institutions taking a mobile first approach may be the ones to finally push mobile banking forward.

  7/15/2014 Mobile Payments Today Mobile wallets: will value actually drive adoption?

Consumer adoption of mobile wallets continues to be held back by legacy point of sale systems and competing payment standards even though they provide an excellent payment experience for consumers.

  7/2/2014 American Banker A Centralized Credit Policy is Best Defense Against Fair-Lending Complaints

If banks can develop processes that show their credit decisions are consistent, transparent, and easily auditable they will be in a better position to insulate themselves from disparate impact judgments, writes Zoot Enterprise’s Eric Lindeen.

  6/10/2014 PaymentsJournal Consistency is Key to Surviving the Era of Consumer Complaints

The recent effort undertaken by the CFPB to solicit, catalogue, and respond to consumer complaints is truly unprecedented for any industry. In response, leading financial institutions are aggressively pursuing initiatives to centralize and automate their decisioning processes.

  5/30/2014 ABA Banking Journal 10 new data plays for consumer screening
This may be the most exciting era for applied analytics in decades. Zoot’s Marketing Director, Eric Lindeen discusses ten innovative ways banks can make more predictive, lower-risk decisions during account origination.
  5/30/2014 Bankrate.com Is an annual-fee credit card right for you?
Tips from industry experts reveal the upsides and downsides of annual-fee cards and how consumers can choose the right product.
  4/2/2014 The Financial Brand It’s Simple: Banks Need to Build Better Apps…Or Buy Them
Increased competition from challenger brands is disrupting the financial industry. Seamless digital banking has a long way to go. BBVA’s recent acquisition of Simple illustrates the importance of this movement and what it may take for banks to get there.
  4/2/2014 Bankrate.com Will credit limit increase hurt score?
Zoot’s Marketing Director Eric Lindeen helps answer this consumer question posed to Bankrate. In short, a credit increase does not harm your score and in fact means you already have good credit.
  3/26/2014 Collections & Credit Risk Using Data Decisions to Drive Credit Risk Subscription required to view this article.

Managing credit risk has become a data-driven business with promising results. Zoot’s Eric Lindeen discusses incorporating alternative data into scoring models to drive banks’ profitability.
  3/19/2014 PaymentsJournal The Coming Revolution in Credit Risk
Across the span of recent decades, lenders have established impressively predictable and reliable statistical models that forecast consumer default. The use of alternative data will bring new depth to the ability to understand and predict consumer behavior.
  2/20/2014 Collections & Credit Risk New Strategies for Stronger Collections Subscription required to view this article.
Highlights include, the three key elements of an effective collections infrastructure and the role of data and analytics in creating an optimal collections strategy.
  2/14/2014 ABA Banking Journal Perfect storm for payments innovators?

The power of partnerships with retailers in payments is heating up. Because consumer trust in card security has been steadily waning in the aftermath of recent data breaches, there may be even greater opportunity for these innovations to break into the mainstream.

  12/20/2013 CreditCards.com 12 credit card predictions for 2014

Some of the nation’s leading credit experts, including Zoot Enterprises, share what lies ahead for the next generation of credit cards.
  12/18/2013 PaymentsJournal Amazon.com Raises Consumers’ Service Expectations…Again

Amazon is a disrupter for its traditional competitors but what about banks? The company is setting customer service standards that offer opportunities for banks to embrace new service innovations.
  11/6/2013 PaymentsJournal The Search for the Credit Card’s Replacement: Part Two

The second in a two part series to evaluate the usability and convenience of mobile wallet technology. The focus of this article is Moven with a comparison to the features offered by Square. 
  10/8/2003 Bankrate.com Lenders looking for good risk in bad credit score

Lenders are looking for more borrowers, post credit crisis, but don’t want to take on extra risk. Nontraditional data is helping them find consumers who are good credit risks, even if they have marginal credit scores or no scores at all.
  10/8/2013 PaymentsJournal The Search for the Credit Card’s Replacement: Part One

The first in a two part series to evaluate the usability and convenience of mobile wallet technology. The focus of this article is Square.   
  9/26/2013 PaymentsJournal Merchant Best Practices

The merchant acquirer space is changing quickly and middle market acquirers have more opportunities and threats than ever. Increased speed, scale, and the ability to create frictionless experiences will enable acquirers to meet the market’s changing expectations
  9/25/2013 The Financial Brand Top 20 Best Blogs for Financial Marketers

ZootBlog was named one of the top 20 best blogs for bank and credit union marketing executives. The blogs ranked on this list must provide information and insight with immediate relevancy that they can put to use in their daily jobs.
  9/15/2013 Collections & Credit Risk Innovation Enables Smart Risk Taking Subscription required to view this article.

One of the most important lessons banks have learned over the past several years is that it is critical to listen to what your customers really want and deliver on that because it is impossible to win if your customers feel like they are losing.
  9/12/2013 CreditCardGuide How credit history may work against young adults

Zoot’s Marketing Director Eric Lindeen weighs in on steps young adults can take to build a sound credit history.

  8/12/2013 PaymentsJournal Tablet POS is Changing the Game, but Proceed With Caution

There are numerous new point of sale solutions on the market today. It is worth the effort to evaluate the alternatives to see what will be the most effective for your business.
  7/30/2013 Bank News Zoot Enterprises Releases Video Primer on Banking Price Optimization

This announcement shares the latest video release in the company’s thought leadership library: price optimization and the business benefits it can bring to the loan origination process for banks.
  7/29/2013 PaymentsJournal A Software Revolution has Begun: Are Banks Prepared?

Smartphones are changing consumer behavior, and with that the way consumers and business people interact with their world. The organizations and software developers that embrace this change early will gain significant market share. Banks have some of the greatest opportunities to capitalize on this movement.
  7/9/2013 CreditCards.com Credit card rate offer 'ranges' make comparison shopping tough

Zoot’s Tom Johnson weighs in on the trend of credit card offers that advertise a wide range of annual percentage rates instead of one flat rate.
  7/3/2013 American Banker A Consumer’s Credit Score is a Consumer’s Responsibility

This opinion piece argues that the industry shouldn’t put millions into further educating consumers about credit scores. The road to a good credit score is pretty straightforward.
  6/19/2013 Bankrate.com How issuers determine credit card limits

Zoot’s Eric Lindeen comments on strategies issuers use to set credit card limits and determine increases to most effectively balance risk in their portfolios.
  6/9/2013 The Christian Science Monitor Return of the Rocky Mountain High

Describes how the community of Bozeman is a hub of economic growth and home to many thriving technology businesses, including Zoot Enterprises. The article expresses that Bozeman epitomizes the emergence of the Green Coast economy – and could be a model for other rural communities across the West.
  6/6/2013 Collections & Credit Risk An Inside Look at Identity Theft Subscription required to view this article.

Identity theft continues to be the highest ranking consumer complaint according to the Federal Trade Commission. Dr. Stephen Coggeshall, chief technology officer for ID Analytics provides an inside look at the many types of identity fraud and discusses strategies for lenders to address fraud from account opening through collections.
  5/23/2013 PaymentsJournal The Risks and Rewards of Payments Innovation

Innovation comes with a certain amount of risk. Strategic partnerships that share a common goal and leverage one another's unique assets are extremely powerful. Those that come out on top launch their projects fearlessly and fix the hiccups along the way.
  5/16/2013 American Banker Want Tellers to Cross-Sell? Help Them Make a Quality Offer

Cross-selling, as it once was, is often unsuccessful and can damage the customer experience. Zoot’s Eric Lindeen discusses how the obstacles to effective cross-sell can be overcome.
  5/13/2013 Collections & Credit Risk Rewards and Risks of the Strategic Defaulter Subscription required to view this article.

One of the more interesting challenges lingering for financial institutions in the aftermath of the recession is the mysterious strategic defaulter. Their behavior and credit scores don’t agree, creating obstacles and opportunities for financial institutions.
  5/13/2013 PaymentsJournal The Next Generation of Cross-Sell

Financial institutions need to understand who their customers are and what they care about before they decide how to interact with them. Here is a look at new strategies for cross-sell that bring value to the customer and profitability to the FI.
  4/2/2013 Collections & Credit Risk Benefits of Price Optimization Across the Credit
Life Cycle
Subscription required to view this article.

Price optimization across the credit life cycle is breaking ground in lending. While adoption has not become mainstream because it is misunderstood, early adopters are gaining a huge competitive advantage.
  3/21/2013 PaymentsJournal A Credit Marketing Strategy that Hits the Mark

At a time when many marketing efforts designed to grow accounts are too costly and often ineffective, instant prescreen stands out from the crowd.
  3/21/2013 PaymentsJournal What if Your Credit Risk Policy was a Clear Competitive Advantage?

This article discusses how financial institutions can make their credit risk policy development cycle a continuous process rather than a project that is undertaken every few years. 
  2/28/2013 Collections & Credit Risk One Size Does Not Fit All in Collections Subscription required to view this article.

No collections strategy should be based on a generic approach that treats every customer the same.  Instead, the best collection strategies align with the unique brand of the organization, involve the right players early in the process and consider lifetime customer value above all.
  2/5/2013 American Banker Merchants Can Charge Checkout Fees Without Alienating Customers

News headlines are warning consumers to brace for new checkout fees. Some merchants will adopt the additional fees, but it is unlikely to have a significant impact on consumer buying experiences.
  1/29/2013 CreditCards.com Why your Traditional Credit Score is Becoming Obsolete

Zoot’s Tom Johnson discusses the movement of credit card issuers to dig deeper into who you are and how you live in order to offer more credit cards to more people post-recession. Supplementing traditional credit scores with alternative data helps grow their business.
  1/29/2013 Bozeman Daily Chronicle/Business Journal Tech Revolution

The technology industry in the Gallatin Valley was booming in 2012 and Zoot Enterprises had the year that may impact the valley’s economy the most in 2013.
  1/10/2013 Collections & Credit Risk Establishing the Right Risk Appetite Subscription required to view this article.

Finding balance in risk management is critical for financial institutions. Many have learned that tightened lending rules and a focus on collections has come at a detriment to doing business.
  1/10/2013 Bankrate.com Expanding Credit for Near-prime Borrowers

This article examines how lenders are seeking opportunities to grant credit to more consumers, including the use of alternative data and specialized card offers for the near-prime population.
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