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The Zoot Factor is distributed monthly to provide information over a broad spectrum of topics. We will continue to share Zoot’s unique expertise in financial services best practices through this publication.

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Banks today are walking a line between customer experience and security. We spoke with several industry fraud experts to gain their perspectives on the most significant threats, gaps in protection, and strategies to navigate the multitude of ways fraudsters are taking advantage of our financial system. If dealing with fraud isn’t enough, there are always new regulations to comply with. This issue of the Zoot Factor provides details regarding changes to the Military Lending Act and the deadlines for compliance.

Taking on Fraud: Part One

Fraud statistics are staggering in this billion dollar industry. Here’s a look at the veracity and variety of fraud that brings chaos to banks, merchants, consumers, and across industries. This is the first in a two-part series.

Taking on Fraud: Part Two

A “frictionless” customer experience is an outdated and overreaching goal in effective fraud prevention today. We’ve trained consumers to expect zero friction and criminals are taking advantage of that. A little bit of friction to save a lot of headache isn’t a bad trade-off.

Military Lending Act Changes to the Military Lending Act: What your institution needs to know

Did you know the Department of Defense passed major changes to the Military Lending Act? With only four months before the 2016 implementation date, there are still new details coming out on how to comply. Avoid a rush to meet the deadline by starting your planning now. Review the key facts here.

Editor's Choice Zoot Enterprises Pioneer of Area’s Surging Economic Sector

Bozeman’s lifestyle and travel magazine, Peaks & Valleys, features Zoot as a pioneer of the high tech industry in Montana. Take a look inside our local, booming business community and the history behind our company. 

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