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Offer Management


Eliminating the friction in your customers’ interactions with your financial institution is half the battle of retaining your most valuable customers. Many customers are annoyed when a CSR continues to offer the same product every time they enter the branch or when they can’t get the same offer online which they received by mail—and therefore don’t accept it.  

Enhance Customer Experience
Zoot’s offer management capability enhances the customer experience by coordinating offers made by all lines of business and through all channels.  Friction can be eliminated between customers and financial institutions by utilizing an offers repository and advanced predictive models, then making this information available through existing line of business and channel systems. Financial institutions can finally act as one bank—the way your customers think of you.

Coordinate Product Offers & Responses
The offers repository is the heart of offer management, allowing FIs to gather information about consumer product offers including the customer’s response to that offer. Intelligence and logic can be used with the information from the database to maximize each interaction with the consumer, presenting offers the customer will be most likely to accept.

Advanced Predictive Models to Grow Accounts
Rather than presenting generic offers, FIs can use advanced predictive models to segment customers and identify what would be the next best product to offer each individual customer.  This not only enhances the customer experience, but also helps to grow accounts for the FI.

Similar to Zoot’s other capabilities, offer management has many uses and can be configured to support our clients’ unique business needs. This capability can be easily integrated into existing systems to enhance functionality without removing current infrastructure and is also included in many Zoot solutions, including: