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Simple, yet Sophisticated

Zoot’s origination solutions allow financial institutions to answer the three critical questions:

Are you who you say you are? (Fraud)

Am I allowed to do business with you? (Compliance)

Do I want to do business with you? (Profitability)

The challenge is creating a simple and instantaneous account origination experience for consumers without limiting the sophistication of financial institutions’ credit risk and fraud management processes.


Financial institutions can make sophisticated and fully automated instant credit decisions with Zoot’s zDecision® consumer-initiated decisioning solution. Consumers expect realtime results regardless of the channel they choose: call center, online, mobile, branch, and even ATM. zDecision allows FIs to tailor their business rules to fully address risk management, without compromising the customer experience.

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For more complex credit decisions that may require manual review, Zoot’s zOriginate® loan origination solution allows financial institutions to seamlessly weave together automated and manual decisioning. This helps underwriters efficiently review applications flagged for risk indicators such as address mismatches or bureau no hits. Once the stipulations are cleared, the applications continue through the automated process.

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Efficiently opening new deposit accounts is the foundation for profitable customer relationships. Zoot’s zInitiate® account opening solution facilitates instant account origination across all channels. By assessing risk, fraud, and identity in realtime, financial institutions are able to provide a seamless customer experience. Additionally, zInitiate drives the ability to present relevant cross-sell offers within the same interaction, increasing the likelihood of acceptance and overall customer satisfaction.

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Zoot’s zMerchant® onboarding and risk monitoring solution allow acquirers to quickly onboard new customers. By accessing a wide variety of data sources, they can assess any type of merchant, including micro merchants, small businesses, and large corporations. One of the solution’s most powerful features is the ability to continuously monitor merchants for risky behaviors and address potential issues before they become costly problems.

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