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Partner with Zoot


The purpose of Zoot’s partnership program is to provide greater value to our existing and potential clients. By integrating the industry-leading products and services of our partners into our innovative tools and services environment, Zoot and our partners can offer our clients truly unparalleled solutions.  

Partner Options
Full Integration Partners: These partners use Zoot’s tools, services, and hosted environment to create and deploy new standalone or joint products that can be offered to Zoot and the partner’s clients in the financial industry or other industries. Zoot is open to many different business and distribution relationships.
Provider Network Partners: These partners tie into Zoot’s Integration Service and make their data or services available to Zoot’s existing clients. Once a connection is established to Zoot, all our clients have access to our partners’ data and services through our powerful integration management tool.  In addition, client business users can define and test any of these data and services to see if they provide value before incurring the costs of integration and testing.

See a select list of Zoot's partners.  

Innovation + Experience
These business development partnerships leverage Zoot’s innovative tools and services suite along with our industry-leading infrastructure. This enables our partners to focus on designing new solutions for the clients and industries they serve.

Business User Control
The automation that Zoot’s tools and services deliver can be used in virtually any environment. Zoot’s tools have been designed to be utilized by business users, relieving our partners of the need for a large IT staff to develop and maintain their solutions. These same tools are used by our clients’ business users to access our partners’ products and services directly through our data and services integration hub, thus relieving both parties of the integration costs.

Becoming a Zoot Partner
Zoot is open to a number of different partnership arrangements. To get more information on our partnership program or discuss a potential partnership with Zoot, please complete the Partner Request Form.