Zoot’s goal is to provide powerful, flexible solutions that meet our clients’ needs exactly. By forging partnerships with other leading vendors, we have enabled our clients to combine Zoot’s innovative technology with the best data and service products in the financial industry in order to create a new level of best-of-breed solutions.

Allowing You to Do More
Zoot’s history of enabling banks’ unique business strategies has left us with an indelible understanding that each client’s needs are different. The logic and data that financial institutions (FIs) use to make credit decisions varies tremendously. That is why Zoot developed its innovative tools and services solution model. This model enables an FI’s business users to quickly develop and manage their unique business processes using Zoot’s graphical user interface (GUI) tools. Applications can then be processed according to that logic using Zoot’s powerful services hosted in our state-of-the-art processing environment.

In conjunction with our tools and services, Zoot has developed a data and services integration hub with pre-built connections to dozens of industry leading data and service providers offering hundreds of products. Zoot’s technology is designed to be data agnostic, meaning that our clients maintain the freedom to choose whichever data and service products that will work best for them. The data and service products used in the decisioning process and the order in which they are used can be easily defined and modified by the FI’s business users through our vendor management tool.

Zoot’s Partners
Zoot is proud to have active partnerships with the most respected, innovative companies in the financial services industry. The types of relationships we have with our partners vary from simple data and service connections through our vendor network to sophisticated joint solution offerings. For a listing of select Zoot partners, please see Zoot’s partner list.

Better Together
Zoot and our partners are committed to offering our clients more complete solutions and services backed by years of experience and excellence. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner of Zoot.