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StatScanSM Platform Monitoring System


Credit decisioning and loan origination processes are critical for financial institutions (FIs), and monitoring the health of these processes is important to success. As the financial industry continues to evolve due to new regulations and changing consumer behaviors, FIs need to know if their risk policies and customer engagement strategies are performing as expected.

Zoot’s StatScanSM platform monitoring system gives FIs the confidence to know that their mission critical processes are producing the desired results.

The basic question that StatScan is constantly asking is “is your platform performing the way that you expected?” In order to answer this question, this sophisticated software service is constantly monitoring the platform’s business logic and the production system that platform is running on. StatScan measures all of the characteristics that our clients identify as critical to their success, like number of incoming applications, approval rate, distribution among input channels, and score distributions. When it detects a statistically significant variance in any of these characteristics, we know there is a problem—long before someone reviews the monthly reports. For example, if there is a sudden increase in the volume of applications for a specific credit product, that might indicate a shift in consumer preferences or an increase in fraud that changes the FI’s risk exposure.

By identifying potential problems early, financial institutions have the opportunity to respond proactively and thus minimize any negative outcomes. When this insight is paired with the unprecedented level of control enabled through Zoot’s business user tools, financial institutions are able to adapt their systems and strategies in hours, days, or weeks rather than weeks, months, or years. In today’s volatile environment, the level of insight and responsiveness provided by StatScan can make all the difference.